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  • Payment Problems FAQ

    07. 29. 2010 22:56

This is a Merge of all payment Solutions Currently on the tech board.
If none of these Solutions help you then please send a support ticket in under payment.

Credit Card Problems Look here please.

If you are having problems using your Credit Card please do the following.

Make sure you are using Internet Explorer browser and that all pop-up blocking
applications are disabled. (Disable your firewalls Pop-up blocker also. Do not disable the
Firewall its self)
visit the site blow to verify your credit card.
You will have to go to the banks website that issues your card and there you should(not
always) find a link to Mastercards verify system.

I will add more info if I find any.

  • Re : Payment Problems FAQ

    07. 29. 2010 22:57

Contact for Item purchase issues

For those who have purchased items through paypal, but did not receive them,
please let us know with details.

In contact support, send us "payment" support ticket with following information.

-Paypal transaction ID
-Paypal Invoice ID
-The email address used for paypal purchase
-The list of items you have purchased
-The Server you selected for the items (not required for subscription purchases)

We will check the purchases with paypal and place the items in your account.

Thank You