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  • York not blockshotting?

    08. 06. 2010 03:02

Alright so i got my York and im almost to Renown. I have the right guns, right FCS
and everything installed. I have 12/10 BVE lvl 59 accuracy gunners and im still not
blockshotting. A guide said id be blockshotting at high 50s. Obviously its not true.

So im wondering when DOES the york start blockshotting?

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    09. 14. 2010 14:05

That was what I was thinking as well, when I realized the patch about the caps could
have affected the block of 8". Although I haven't been able to get my hands on high
50s/60s gunners ACC 11+, the spread on level 50 gunners was a lot worse than what I
could remember.

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    09. 14. 2010 08:34

don't suppose all this could be a result of the various stat cap increases that were

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    09. 13. 2010 13:30

Hm, it is possible that SDE did ninja nerf the lower guns, since there was no public
announcement about York being nerfed. Will have to check up on it with other players,
since the last time I really played York was 2+ years ago (at level crew of course).

But the spread with level 59 12/10 ACC gunners should be good enough to get near
block, I presume? I never really achieved full block until level 60ish (11/11 gunners ACC
partial BVE).

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    09. 13. 2010 08:47

just because your fcs is ca doesnt mean its the best one, look for the one with the
most accuracy. the more accurate the tighter the spread.

i can also distinctly remeber sde nerfing uk guns some what, but i was playing bb in
the kgv and pow at the time and a set of qauds stopped blocking for me after the
patch, so its very likely they nerfed the lower level guns too.

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    09. 13. 2010 08:46

for the york to block at 55 you need to have full experts and about 100 vets. the
guns will block as 11/11 also make sure your useing the the aiming fcs and the
lowest level D guns. only D's block, thats how i remember setting mine up to block.

if your not useing full experts and enough vets and your crew ability isnt identical
then your york wont block till about 68. maybe even later.

it is also possible that sde has changed it at some point, its been well over a year
since i was playing york.

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    08. 19. 2010 17:51

"until you are in the 100's, UK spread is worse than even IJN BBs"
No no no no no no no
My 2 nations are IJN and UK, and i can say to you, UK at lvl spread is way
better than ijn at lvl spread, i mean only spread that sucks is the dunk, but that is 1 ship
15" 2x mark2 have a very nice spread
mark 3 have a decent spread
16" 3x mark1 has a decent spread
mark3 has a very nice spread

At IJN i'll give 14" having a nice spread, but that's it, and not as nice as 15" mark 2
for example

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    08. 19. 2010 17:34

UK not blockshotting!? underpowered!

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    08. 19. 2010 13:25

actaully if your gunners are lv 115+ the L1 guns block shot randomly.

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    08. 19. 2010 11:34

Besides the 3x8" and the 4x14", the 3x6" guns will also block. But, I would not put
them on a CA. Those are more appropriate for a CL, like a Tiger.

  • Re : York not blockshotting?

    08. 18. 2010 23:29

my 12/10 gunners b/v/e 70 vet 210 exp 99 roc at lvl 49 at max rang with the 2x8" is
getting the look of a block and my acc number only 1176 but i know in bate u had to get
acc around 1200-1500. but after 5 yrs sd/nf nuff uk guns
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