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  • The BB Courbet..

    08. 30. 2010 09:15

Is this a good ship say your opinion..armor, guns, range, space, DP.

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    06. 10. 2011 22:39


i beg to differ, courbet is lucky cause theres no good bb1 player playing in blitz, i was
against 2 good players in their bb1 (revenge and kongo) well outcome vs revenge, we have
nice duel i was lucky because i got more guns and sunk him first but i was crippled :D and
vs the kongo i was sunk without getting him in my range :(

and who said bb1 are just food, if you have patience and wait for opportunity to rush a
enemy you could have a kill :D with a bb1

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    06. 10. 2011 21:15

Nah man, Courbet is king of Blitz!!!! Sunken soooo many other same lvl BB's. But
honestly, once you reach GB you're pretty much cannon fodder as all BB1's are =o.

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    05. 29. 2011 10:09

Hate to burst your bubble e21, but I'm willing to take a bretagne over a Courbet, and with
the X-factor of skill and luck are taken out of the picture, Bretagne wins every time.

Courbet isn't the "best blitz BB".

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    05. 24. 2011 14:07

My baby! the courbet has always served me well in bliz and in gb, i have about 3k kills
on my Courbet BO (lvl 66) >:D

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    05. 20. 2011 14:10

It is supposed to get many kills. i will stop before lvl 61 as i have evbe 90km,80us, and
some other goodies...
I dont have any prem account. and therefor i get this many kills. makes good for ranking.
As in gb2 i will make prem account to rise my bb`s. cv`s and stuff....

is only a show off of how many you can ACTUALLY sink with it... therefor it makes the best
ship ever in blitz....
If someone flames me, its because of they dont have another crew... i do... played this
since the beginning. and i find the gb2`s a little more boring and takes more long time
but yes.... the courbet is king of blitz.... no question... but in gb`s thats a whole
other matter.... I will make my courbet crew an escort to see if they make better than my
revenge evbe crew did...

im up to ..1682 on the courbet now..... and im not using it on GB..... the courbet is a
blitz killer....

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    05. 19. 2011 06:44

Notice the auto fire control.

Courbet is a beast, both MN BB1's are beast in blitz, if its taken you a vetted crew and
your still not out of blitz with that many kills your doing it wrong.

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    05. 18. 2011 22:39

lol, grow up already and play gb2, we dont care of how many ship you sink, most of them
are all cl,ca,and dd... i got more bb sinked than you do rofl some of them are bb4 and
5... even my lvl 45 uk cv crew is happy playing gb2 15k for aaing :D...

well i just got lorraine, i started to like bretagne/lorraine, more gun space, range and
speed than courbet... in terms of damage output i like paris (full set of 12") but it need
to be sneaky while in lorraine i love the range :D... i think it got more range than my

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    05. 18. 2011 21:17

Hello i had a little experiment going on.
I have sinked 1604th ships with the Courbet line, And still going strong. and i would say
this is the most powerful bb in blitz ever !!! Sometimes i got stuck with some revenges,
guams, kongos, but that my own fault. I`m very happy with it.

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    04. 03. 2011 23:17

Well Eco, I think you need to stop spamming these forums

  • Re : The BB Courbet..

    03. 28. 2011 13:59

I have no clue what u guys r talking about, In blitz I was feared in my Courbet. Anything
in range died. I killed plenty revenges. I think I only died once from a revenge so... In
my opinion the Courbet/Paris is great if you want more guns, and to be a beast in Blitz(If
you know what u r doing, HINT: OUTRANGE YOUR OPPONENTS) and in GB2s I have taken out
plenty of BBs in my Paris. It is a small ship and packs a punch if you hit someone. I have
taken out a Lion2 in it( Yes most of his SD was gone but he started to repair) and he
barely hit me with his Dead Shot. And in another game I took out a Revenge, SN BB2(I dont
know the name but its an ugly little thing), An Iowa(Yes he was destracted but hey I got
him), and A RN Dunk, all of this while at 1300 life left. Tell me if you can do that in ur
1 2 3 4