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  • What supports should i have???

    09. 04. 2010 22:31

Finally got lion, upon reaching it i thought " i better not screw up anything to do with my
crew", so in 20 years when i have QV what should my supports be?

Currently:3 repairs 4 engies and 1 scout

  • Re : What supports should i have???

    09. 12. 2010 22:48

QV should have 3 reps, 7 engys, 1 scout. Some use 4/6 reps/engys. Lastly, you can use 3 reps, 5 engys and a set of
AA gunners.

  • Re : What supports should i have???

    09. 12. 2010 10:53

uk line is a blance between speed and repair.

so i would say start with 4 rep and 3 eng. and as they mature reduce to 2 rep and 4 eng dont
forget that seaman ;) also if your brave, ditch your t-slot guns and fill the space with another
rep and eng. your goal is to achieve 900sd and have a good overall overheat on your engine
well duration.

i personally favour repair over speed. i use 4 reps and 2 eng at the mo on the L1 get hit fall
back repair get stuck in again. if you manage it right you can reduce the loss of your sd by
alot. my engies are just enough for escape speed.

if your going engies dont take armour, just bring 90 bulge or enough to take a full volley
from tb's

  • Re : What supports should i have???

    09. 05. 2010 05:59

use search?


eaven thoe it's not updated yet, it still holds 70% of weight.