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  • Rp12L?

    09. 13. 2010 01:49

so hey guys, my gunners are now lv 73 but i dont seem to find RP12 L for my queen
elizabeth, im using it to level my crew, so yea did the name changed or something?

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 14. 2010 21:04

Actually that is a fair point. Mine were rather poor also at lvl. What I ended up doing
was running up the other line to get my gunners higher then my BO. Since then they've been
pretty good.

After you do that, you can chose which line you'd like to keep working on. (This is also
good for getting all your supports lvled for when you reach L2....)

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 14. 2010 11:43

The QE guns are good guns, and their scatter isn't too bad if you have decent gunners. So
tell us about your gunners. skill? acc or rld? vets, experts, boost?

Ideally you want gunners with 80+ vets. Boosting them is a good idea too once you get the
vets up to that level.

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 14. 2010 09:48

I went from KGV-POW-L1 and then went up to nelly on another line. I highly suggest you not
get the nelly. It is utter garbage. You are looking at a ship that can use the guns
similar to the POW but is slow.. very slow and blind.

Now as for POW and KGV.... Its something you need to learn. The blocking quads may have
bad range.. but anything that you get in range of is dead or hurt bad. 8 shells landing
on a ship hurts.. badly.

I highly suggest a speed whore setup, limited armour, 2 guns upfront. Don't use the quad
14" L guns.. they do not block.

Now... to play the ship, simply follow your big BBs around. (I find north to be better)
Pay very close attention to the enemy line and your own. If the enemy is busy with your
allies, that may be a time to rush in and land a few salvos (before rushing back to
safety. Otherwise, just try to guess when the enemy is blind and make your move. You
shouldn't have too big of an issue getting in range, as long as you play it properly.

Lastly though... Learning to use 40 degree guns on the POW is important. It does get you
used to the guns the L1 uses.

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 14. 2010 07:02

Oh, you can use the KGV as well, seeing as you have to buy it anyway, because you need it
for remodelling into PoW. PoW is a bit faster, can carry 2 blocking quads up front and has
one more support slot. Just toy around a bit in KGV and see if you like it.

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 14. 2010 06:06

so you're saying skip the KGV and jump to PoW from QE?

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 14. 2010 05:02

The only guns with a really tight spread at that level are the blockshotting Quads, but of
course, you're outranged by pretty much every BB with those guns. The 14"L for PoW and the
16" for Nelson all have mediocre spread, and no range advantage over the 15" MK3. Nelly is
a good ship, but the lack of a scout is a big disadvantage.

I wouldn't suggest a BO reset though. Either keep using the QE or upgrade to PoW with
15"MK3 or frontgun blockshotting Quads. And speedwhore both setups.

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 14. 2010 04:46

will the nelly be a better option than kgv/pow?? kinda getting sick of getting out range
or at the right angle but the spread is so crap that out of 8 shells only 1 shell hit

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 13. 2010 17:49

They certainly are an option for the KGV and POW... infact have pretty nice range. (Spread
will tighten eventually)

However, the POW/KGV's primary gunset is the the quad and double 14" guns. Expect low low
range but crazy blockshotting. (best spread you can expect in NF actually)

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 13. 2010 16:51

the spreads are pretty horribad..... do i have to use them on kgv and pow as well :(?

  • Re : Rp12L?

    09. 13. 2010 07:38

You'd think they'd fix the website so that the proper names are listed eh?
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