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  • TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    10. 04. 2010 13:38

Greetings NavyField Community,

I am proud to announce the new TNF Ventrilo is now open to the NF community. TNF
realizes that it can sometimes take 10 or even 30 minutes to resolve a problem that could
have otherwise been solved with voice communication in 2 minutes. Mugsybugsy and
myself decided that it would be a good idea to purchase this Vent not only to enhance TNF
communication but also to make it easier to help the community.

Moving on to the details

I must stress that this Vent is not owned or operated by SDE but by individual TeamNF
members. If you are having technical problems, feel free to contact docryan13 or
mugsybugsy in game or through PMs on the NF website.

The Vent does not have a password so no need to worry about that. Certain channels
have passwords for private TNF matters. Note that every player that enters Vent will not
need a customized account. At the top of the vent there is a 멦NF Help Desk' room. If you
are having an issue in game and feel like getting a speedy answer, this will be the channel
to go to when you first log on to Vent. The first available Mod/Mon on Vent will enter the
channel to help you out. Please be advised that if there is no one on Vent, you are more
than welcome to hang around until someone gets on.

TNF Vent is voluntary and it is not a requirement for TNF to be on it. That being said,
it is
a good possibility that any TNF on there will be able to help you with your problem or
contact someone on your server if necessary.

I must emphasize that this Vent is not for whole fleets to hang out on. It is being paid for
by Mons and Mods out of their own pockets so please keep that in mind. If too many
people are on, then it may compromise our ability to help others in need of assistance. Be
advised that if you are in the AFK channel, you are subject to being kicked in order to
make room for others.

Please note that NF rules do apply to this Vent and TNF reserves the right to kick/ban
anyone caught breaking these rules. Common courtesy rules also apply.

With all that being said, we look forward to seeing you all. Info is as follows.

Vent IP:
Port #: 5771

Thank you,


  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    04. 07. 2011 14:11

hmm...does pure get on at all? If so i'm gonna talk with him :D

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    01. 31. 2011 09:35

There is no time frame for mod's to be on. With that said, I personally am on from
about 6pm to 10pm Central Time Monday thru Friday (in the Bismarck Channel). On
the weekends I'm usually on vent from 10am to 10pm, with breaks to do family stuff.
Now after the HS patch I was on Friday from 6pm to midnight, Sat from 10am to
Midnight and Sunday from 10am to 10pm, during that entire time only 2 people
logged on for any type of support: one was reporting an abusive player the other
had a computer problem related to the patch and was helped in 20min and was
back in game!

This is a great tool to talk with TNF vice whispers in game. Even if we are TNF on a
different server we will do our best help; answer your question, get you in touch
with your server TNF mod's or assist in getting your question to the right person via
support ticket system!

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    01. 14. 2011 00:21

no one is there when i have a problem

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    11. 20. 2010 18:41

thans for this. join ventrilo^^

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    10. 31. 2010 15:22

this was awsome

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    10. 31. 2010 15:22


  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    10. 22. 2010 04:52

nice ^^

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    10. 10. 2010 18:27

Keep up the good work my young padawan!!!

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    10. 10. 2010 15:32

"Lol useless vent, they will automaticly kick u out from the server and
said ur ip are copy of ur account. "

Simple solution. If you find it useless, do not use it. Thank you for letting me be of
help. If you are having a problem on the otherhand, the initial post says to message
myself of mugsy so that we can help you out. I cannot speak for mugsy, but I have no new

And yes, what Death said is correct.

  • Re : TNF Help Desk Ventrilo Open to Public

    10. 10. 2010 09:55

well i didnt get what u say but some vent servers (prolly this one too) doesnt let you
join if you lagged out before and your account "is still logged in the vent server" it
shows a message like "Duplicate IP is not allowed" and it wont let you join the server
till some admin kicks you of it or till it logs out automatically after some time.
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