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  • Quick manual for Trade System

    11. 04. 2010 00:03

We're glad to introduce the new Trade System to all NF fans.

Here is a short manual for the new Trade System.
If you want the full version including all functions, please download it from the
'Download-Manual Download' on the website menu.

1. Selling your sailors and ships

Open the H.Q. by clicking the H.Q. button on the right top.
Here, you will see the new ‘Sale’ button.

By clicking "Sale" the list of your sailors and ships will appear.
Remember that this list only shows the sailor on the waiting list.

Select the sailor (or ship) you want to sale.
You can also sell it as a bundle. Up to 10 sailors can be combined into 1 bundle.

When you hit "OK", the upload window will appear.

Insert the price you want to sell, and write a description for it.
You can double-click the credit/point field to insert a large amount.
A 5% selling commission will be deducted from your H.Q. balance.

When you fill out the price and detail and hit "OK", you can see in the H.Q.
that those sailors (or ships) are registered for sale.
The number in the orange circle indicates the registered order.

In this step, you can cancel the registration by taking the sailor out of the H.Q.
But the commission fee will NOT be returned, so please double-check before
uploading something for sale.

Now, your sailor (or ship) is waiting for a new owner.
To check if it's registered properly, let's go to the purchasing page.

2. How to purchase a sailor or ship.

You can see that a new "Trade" button has been added to the shipyard.

By clicking this, a new window will appear.

You can see all registered items with item details and seller ID.
Take your time to search a sailor or ship you want to buy.
You can sort the list by type / nation / level / sailor class, or search a specific seller ID.

If it's a bundle, consisted of more than 1 sailor,
you can see the full information for all sailors by clicking "View All".

For ships, you can also check the Armor or Armament settings.

After making a decision, hit the "Purchase" button.
The price will be paid from your H.Q. so make sure you have enough balance in your H.Q.
to pay the selling price.

When the purchase is done, you can see that the new sailor (or ship) is in your H.Q.

Once purchased item cannot be refunded or canceled,
so please double-check the item and price before making a purchase.

**A function for punctuating large numbers with a comma is going to be added soon.
Until then, please take extra-care when trading with large amounts of credits/points.
We're sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    05. 14. 2011 22:38

50m for Both.

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    05. 14. 2011 21:43

Quick help, the manual didn't answer whether if the price of the bundled sailors applies to each or to

Example: 2 sailors sale at 50 mil = 50 mil for both or each?

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    12. 27. 2010 08:47

so nice

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    12. 09. 2010 06:15

I agree that the commision should not be removed from ones' account unless the
item sells. If you decide to pull sailor for example to raise or lower price under the
present system you would pay commision each time.
Next, someone save the noobs? I have, just out of boredom, checked some of the
bases that are advertised and found them to be false. Training the noob's on how to
use a base calculator is needed and should be announced more than once.

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    12. 05. 2010 17:42

1) Can EBBs be Sold ?
2) Good Trade System Except for 1 thing. I posted a High Priced Sailor
Posted 1 Mil Credits, the Sailor did not sell, I LOST 1 Mil Credits

This was not clear anywhere. This is STUPID. A Commission is given when something SELLs.

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    12. 04. 2010 21:39

very nice this :D but i think that if we can sell EBB this will be more interesting
becouse all sell only FF and DD

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    12. 04. 2010 05:04

I am so glad this trading system works. Thank you!

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    12. 01. 2010 21:17


  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    12. 01. 2010 09:38

Really good thing. x)

  • Re : Quick manual for Trade System

    11. 20. 2010 20:00

Thanks for the quick guide i havent traded i a while
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