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  • Anime Thread #32

    11. 15. 2010 14:18

200 posts, you know what to do.

So, I know that I said this quite a while ago in the last thread, but now it's done. I

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    06. 11. 2011 13:13

anyone got some good anime suggestions? I am bored as heck with summer vacatio
on and i need something good to watch >.< Maybe i should switch to manga?

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    03. 30. 2011 15:39

Hm... ok.

Onii-chan - done
Dragon Crisis - done
Zobmie - dl ep 12 atm
Index, bakuman, star driver final next week

IS and Freezing final next week

Gosick and fairy tail continue. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica delayed??

Ore no Imouto ep 13 out (SD only).

Im I missing anything?

Only comment is: WTF was up with index 23?! I couldn't follow any of it from ep 22!!
rushed ending I can only conclude...


Edit: Yeah. I've watched alot of anime ever since I shifted from NF a few years ago. :O

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    03. 23. 2011 21:19

I just finished watching Kurokami (watched the whole thing in two days, i was bored :P) i
LOVED it and now im really depressed that i have no more to watch :/ so insted i now
started reading the manga XD

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    03. 23. 2011 17:48

Being the REALLY late one on the trend, I just finished Angel Beats! 2 weeks ago >.>
It is beautiful and excellent :o

Currently going back 5 years in time to start Zero no Tsukaima ^^

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    03. 23. 2011 17:31


you watched over 200 anime wow lol. I have only watched like 20 of them :P


our anime thread slowed down where is everyone at

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    03. 19. 2011 20:07

OMG he's f**king alive?!

Yeah. Have been and watching anime too every week... till yeah. Very sad day last
friday. My heart goes out to everyone in Japan and around the world effected.

~ Anywho, for the longest of time the firefox kept telling me that navyfield was untrusted
and as a result I never logged in... till today because I said to hell with it!!

~ - Look up the winter animes I am currently
following as I'm too lazy to list them all. I will say though... Madoka is probably in the
lead. Ep 3 was freakin sweet!! I like IS even though its half mecha (other have being

Its really close I think. Dragon, beelz, gosick and zombie are all tied. Onii is ok.

Well that's about it.


  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    02. 27. 2011 21:20

Somebody say ZnT? /revives. I have heard nothing about a season 4, but to be honest, the
way they treated seasons 2-3 does not really make me anticipate it. It's just about the
same thing as with Shakugan no Shana. They're focusing more on the fanservice (in ZnT's
case) and slice of life (both have this problem) with the later seasons than any kind of
plot movement, and squeezing in what promises to be epic battles and major events (Saito
vs an army anybody?) into only a handful of episodes. I will admit though, Shana did get
itself back on track some with the OVA. No fighting, but still a pretty major thing, and
they didn't take 12 episodes to do it, like the first half of Shana II >_>

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    02. 22. 2011 12:00

I'm back from the dead.

Watched the Trigun Badlands Rumble movie, episodes 1 - 6 of .Hack//Sign and
rewatched a few episodes of Zero no Tsukaima.

On the topic of ZNT, anyone know of they are going to do a season 4?

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    02. 15. 2011 22:20

watched bleach 309

aizen is no longer OP

  • Re : Anime Thread #32

    02. 12. 2011 16:38

really wow i mean this is the 32nd topic on anime

thats 320+ pages or 3200+ posts of anime goodness to read.
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