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  • Best US AA gun overall?

    11. 17. 2010 14:50

I've been experimenting with different AA guns on my Omaha, looking to see which is the
best. What do you like the most overall? Right now I'm using the 3"/70cals because of the
short reload time, but they, along with most of the US AA arsenal, has a painfully short

With the Omaha this is not so bad because the ship is fast enough to attack planes but most
other ships can't do much because without speed the shorter ranges of the AA guns mean
you'll only shoot down planes coming at you/in your path.

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 05. 2010 11:20

@ V2CxBongRipz
Well everyone have different preference. But, when you're in a middle of a bb fight, you
wouldn't wanna get in and kill the scouts when the BBs could shoot you by then. I would
rather use the range and kill the scouts instead of risking closing in just to kill a scout.
Besides, with high level gunners, the reload of these guns is not that bad. I've seen
monty using these guns, and they seem to be fine with it.

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 05. 2010 10:58

It's the 38's... Mount those as doubles where you can on the Omaha, and elsewhere just
rock the 38 singles. That way you're shooting the same ammo and have no range issues, and
bring the most guns to bear.... The 54's don't have enough room for ammo in this
configuration IMO.

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 05. 2010 09:43

@ Shermandf:

I would say those guns COULD be good but damage would have to be buffed. It something like
1/2 of the mark 38s and along with the slower reload it makes those guns a pretty poor choice.

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 05. 2010 03:05

Well imo, I like the 5''/54 mark 16 L. These guns has one of the longest USN AA range,
though shorter than 6'' by a bit I think and better reload time than 6'' I think. Though
golden angle is lower than 37, and u need to keep changing angles when planes gets closer.

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 05. 2010 00:03

5" Mark38's IMO

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 04. 2010 18:19


  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 03. 2010 21:44

But poor reload and a very small window to hit the planes. Not to mention the weight and

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 03. 2010 21:10

But you get the 'big' flak explosions with the 6" 47cal As... And damn near KM40 range...

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 03. 2010 19:41

It depends on what ship you are using. Pensacola for example is better suited for 3". What
it comes down to though is that not much should come into range of USN AA. Scouts and
fighters can scout you from well outside your AA range and skilled players know this. The
only thing USN AA is good for is shooting down bombers.

  • Re : Best US AA gun overall?

    12. 02. 2010 04:57

But dosent the 5" gives pretty limited AA binds?
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