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  • Alaska vs. Neveda

    11. 29. 2010 12:34

Theres the big question of brook vs. NH, but what about Neveda and Alaska. What is
the better BB for a Newb to pick?

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    12. 02. 2010 16:20

i would say neveda line even tho i went Alsaka route

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    12. 02. 2010 08:39

also nevada all the way

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    12. 02. 2010 08:11

Neveda, too slow

in low level BB the armors are useless
and the guns are not far enough
stay back and keep alive is the most important
i prefer the Alaska(skip this one)--->Guam

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    12. 02. 2010 06:34

I would go alaska i have played both lines and the alaska line is better than the nevada.
Alaska has more speed, a crap ton better aa, and a lot more scout space, plus with the
guam remod at level 59 you have the same firepower as the nevada and the colo is much
better than the penny or tenny and the new mexico right off the bat with it you can mount
16" duals and the colo has the best range of any US BB2

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    12. 02. 2010 04:37

You would feel very vulnerable in your alaska.. trust me

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    12. 02. 2010 04:12

Alaska. Speed, AA and....SCOUTS. Its got 5 IIRC.

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    11. 30. 2010 10:44

Nevada any day of the week.

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    11. 29. 2010 22:14


Invest in a Pensacola and stay in it until you reach the Pennsylvania 1943.
It is the only noob-friendly USN BB - because you will be able to speedcap it with at
lvl engineers - and it is really funny to play. Stay in it until Iowa.

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    11. 29. 2010 18:14

The Alaska line is full of normally fast ships, The Nevada has harder hitting ships.

The only exception I can think of is the Penns, which is the fast USN BB, on the Nevada line.

Firepower or speed, your call.

  • Re : Alaska vs. Neveda

    11. 29. 2010 17:37

I would agree that the Alaska line is easier for a beginner because of the speed, AA, and
scout space. When i was at the Brook/NH fork, i went to the forms and a wise player told
me to look at the long term advantageous and not the short term. Now I'm not saying that
poning people with the Nevada's firepower but it gives way to much more farther down the
Alaska line. Best of luck, your going to need it.

PS I'm in a Colorado right now and would recommend getting the Sevastopol. =)

Sincerely Junkers101
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