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  • How do I train new cv crew?

    12. 05. 2010 21:58

So I just rolled, 7 pilots, plus a seaman and medic, plus BO. all level one.

My main crew is lvl 52's going down the bb line, currently in the baltimore.
So they are: lvl 52 HA gunners (2), 53 BO, lvl 52 HR gunners (2) , lvl 40 rookie pilot,
lvl 35 engineers (4), lvl 35 repairers (4)

Whats the fastest way to train my new cv crew? Just start out on frigrate and switch
out all the crew evenly? Or put them on my baltimores support slots? I have no

  • Re : How do I train new cv crew?

    12. 06. 2010 17:27

Admittedly, the lagging problem can't be helped without running 2 BB BOs.

I was suggesting using your BB BO for AAing for both the experts, and that there are
several ships that are good for leveling sailors via AA on that line. Leveling the CV
crew via the CV BO (AAing in particular, though you could run him and your BB gunners in
blitz for a bit) can also be done. Especially given that the CV BO will also have access
to some of those AA ships.

  • Re : How do I train new cv crew?

    12. 06. 2010 08:40

Well my supports are all lagging behind because I have to keep switching them out
to keep their levels even.
But are you saying I should use my level 53 bo to use an aa ship to level my cv crew?

  • Re : How do I train new cv crew?

    12. 05. 2010 23:29

I'd suggest AAing in a DDX, Omaha, Atlanta, and/or Brooklyn for the first 20-40 levels,
actually. A Pensacola may be worthwhile if you're willing to spend the money.

A different, but IMO rather serious, issue is that your supports are seriously lagging
behind your BO, and your gunners are barely keeping pace. A second BB BO (on the
Northampton line) would help.