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  • Are they really as bad as they seem?

    12. 13. 2010 20:34

I have been told many times that UK DBs are horrible and on one ocassion that they hit like "wet rehor toilet
paper. But are UK DBs actually that bad? For all you Royal Navy carrier captains out there, what major vessels
have you sunk with the DBs? What are the UK DBs useful for?

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    01. 31. 2011 21:20

if i remember correctly, to get the best UK DB,
you will need to be playing UK TB until 120 level.

classing to UK DB too early suffer from ability penalty?

so all people play UK TB?

check trxxxwxxld

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    01. 31. 2011 16:03

lol at the rehor comment

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    01. 31. 2011 05:58

UK DB's can sink ships.
But why not use the best weapon to defeat your opponent.

In the year 2006:
We chose IJN if we wanted to bomb ships.
We chose UK if we wanted to torp ships.
We chose KM if we wanted dogfights.
We chose US if we wanted a balance CV.

IJN Dive Bombers had a special ability which only a few players knew. The developers gave
this to the IJN DB to offset the paper thin Japanese planes. They then gave it also the
color white so it can be seen easily.

UK Torpedo Bombers had the most damage for the aerial torps they carried. But the color of
the planes is the one that made it a perfect choice if you wanted to torp ships. If you
are in a bb5 and busy exchanging salvos with another bb5, you will not see the UK TB's
lining up to release their torps on you. AAW immunity is known by everybody.

KM fighters ruled supreme considering everything equal.

But then through the years patches from SDE changed things. Even the French nation was
introduced. Now the choice for DB goes to the French because of higher damage bombs and
more fuel. The French TB's have the highest damage aerial torpedos and also more fuel. But
wait, the developers gave the French TB the color white to offset the above mentioned plus
factors. With the color white the French TB can be seen from afar. Unlike the UK TB.

After one patch, the UK fighters were numero uno. All because of the bomber stats and the
durability of the UK nation. Another patch and the US fighters rules the skies now.
Warning to new cv drivers reading this. It does not mean that if you have a US CV you will
dominate the skies. Skills still decides who wins the battle. A veteran IJN CV driver can
still beat any power leveled CV driver of any nation.

Nobody expected UK DB planes to be attacking them. This is a story of one game long long
time ago. Good players usually can identify the planes by nation and type. Very seldom do
players see UK Dive Bombers. So ..... whammoo and battleship is sunk. The UK CV driver was
fighting but not the conventional way. His strategy was 'out of the box' and he caught
players by surprise.

It is the Injun and not the arrow.................................


  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    01. 29. 2011 12:43

uk has no advantages for its planes. the tb's have high durability but thats about it.

dmg wise they are better than otehr tb. but apart from that no uk planes have no bonus
they are out matched on almost all fronts.

but you do get a nice armour bonus on the ship which is absolutely useless concidering you
spend the duration of the game at the back out the way.

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    01. 29. 2011 12:37

im a uk pcv player. uk db's are aload of crap. the tb's on the other hand are fantastic
highly recomended. they are practically imune to aaw at high level. very tough and the
attack of those torps is something to be desired!

and uk fp are also pretty decent too. not the best but they get you by.

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    01. 29. 2011 11:24

for the TB issue, i'd say UK TBs are still way better than their MN counterparts..

even if they have the fuel and the damage, UK TBs are almost invulnerable to all auto-AA..

and as for the UK DBs, they aren't really "that" bad, basically because a lot of people
bring too much bulge these days, DBs are way better off than TBs.

besides i wholly disagree with the one who says: dont train UK DBs they are horrible.

it's like saying: dont make a japanese battleship, their armor is ugly.

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    01. 27. 2011 14:57

in fact, once again it all depends on your style of play. although stat wise you can
say this and that, somedays I rock with TB's and other days I suck with TB"s as it
depends on who's on the other side. I'v been CV for so long....can't think BB even
though I try. I pilot a MP, and at first from Attacker to half way through AR i felt TB
was the only way, but then in the off chance i raised a DB to my lvl...then I started
having way more options available ingame. on those days I just can't get a flight of
TB's to line up because of AA or enemy fighters or to much AAA then i can usually
send in some DB's and land a few hit's while still keeping fighters up. So it depends
on how you look at this question....from stats or from keeping your options open.
plus depends on whether you use your planes to assist or to kill. although I love kills
unfortunatly it seems like I'm better in an assist role, alot of times I can do a full
flight of tb's rob a BB of all protection then My BB's can 1 or 2 hit almost all BB's so.
I've tried looking only for the weak or abondoned like it says in many posts, but
when I do that it seems like the CV covering that particular enemy always has
higher Fighters so I'd lose like all my tb's trying to hit 1 or 2 weak ships, so now I
bide my time looking for holes in the enemy air cover and strike what I can which is
usually a bold BB driver thinking he can survive outside his CV coverage, blind and
OH'ing in range of my BB's so in my opinion DB's can be of use if you know how to
use them,full load of AP(or HE doesn't matter) bombs then let your BB's finish or

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    12. 16. 2010 10:30

IJN DBs are the 2nd best at T2 lvl, KM is number 2 at T1 only.
IJN has a lot more fuel and more damage than KM, but less durable.

UK DBs are the worst in game, if you like DBing you should consider going MN or IJN, KM
ones are decent but really low fuel.

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    12. 15. 2010 04:25

Well i have UK CV4 Ark Royal and IJN CV1 Junyo.UK TBs are quite good but for me it's
more difficult to hit ships by TB than DB.I think DB is much more difficult to dodge.
About the damage,i usaully can get about 18K attack if all my 9UK T2 DBs hit a
BB,and usaully about 20k~22k if all my 7IJN T1 DBs hit a BB.So you can see UK DB
really has low damage,but i still like to use it.

  • Re : Are they really as bad as they seem?

    12. 14. 2010 22:02

Well here is a small suggestion.

If you want to get max exp as a cv.

Either focus entirely on fighters or bombers.

But I would not suggest UK CV for DB's nor fighters.

IJN - Fastest Fighters/ Average DB's / Average TB's / "Low durability"
UK - Average Fighters / Worst DB's / 2nd Best TB's / "High Durability"
KM - 2nd Best Fighters / 2nd Best DB's / Horrible TB's / "Most Range"
US - Best Fighters / Average DB's / Average TB's / "Balanced"
MN - Average Fighters / Best DB's / Best TB's / "Double the Fuel"

Just my own opinion.
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