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  • Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 19. 2010 20:31

Alright then since Nelson guide or thread are mostly old and not updated to recent patch,
i would like to invite to all Nelson Commander to discuss about the best setup for Nelson.

so lets take my crew setup as pointer.

BO - 79LV *Normal*
Gunner - 80LV *EBVE* x 2
Repair - 70LV *normal 12/11* x4
Engine - 70LV *normal 12/11*x4
Current SD total in Dunk = 568

Lets Begin?

  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    01. 09. 2011 06:47

nelly is the most fun ship i can think of in NF
i remember 2 shotting a monty when i got mine, with at level crew

you get the 14" N quads at lvl 75 i think
put them on your turrets and load HE/AP
the N quads allow you to blockshot at lvl 75 hence allowing you to do massive
damage to your target =)
rush in headfirst at any ship you fancy and blockshot him

downsides: nelly has no scout, also abit slow unless you SW (but i never could SW,
didnt know how to lol)

  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 24. 2010 04:53

Obsessed wrote:

*And this isn't spam? Lol*

he asked for setups....I gave him my oppinion...I used x3 16'' MK I L guns on it and
loved it, my post is dead on and is a response to OP...

however your post is a spam...

and a fail one as well, gg


  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 23. 2010 14:11

"I love 16'' 3 guned Nelly FTW

Megadone "

And this isn't spam? Lol

  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 23. 2010 12:36


  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 22. 2010 06:54

@ khairy1986

Read what they wrote.

3 x trip 16's (SW)
2 x trip 16's (AW)

Also spread > range

When you engage someone that player with either

A.) Engage you
B.) Retreat

With great range / bad spread your more likely to be on the losing end. Yes you will have
great range, but you'll suffer from a shotgun spread with only a few shells missing. A
skilled player can EASILY get into range and return the damage two or three fold.

However .. with great spread yes you SUFFER from range BUT you gain better damage and
spread. If someone is taking a lot of damage from you their more likely to retreat to
repair, or continue and sink. In the end it's better for you. This tactic requires more
skill but it'll make you a better player also.

Not to mention the Nelly doesn't have a scout so your gonna have to learn to make every
shot count anyway.

  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 21. 2010 13:07

so wich gun shuld give the most range? i can live with the spread..

  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 21. 2010 10:56

Even with lvl 92 gunners, the spread on the trip 16's for me was pretty bad.

Switch to the quad 14's and been loving it since.

Learning the angles is the most important. If you off by 1 degree you can easily miss
with all shells.

  • Re : Nelson 2011 setup?

    12. 21. 2010 03:19

since your gunners are only lvl 80s, i recommend you to use the quads. You could try
the trip 16" but i think you will suffer the bad spread.

  • Re : Nelson 2012 setup?

    12. 20. 2010 15:24

I love 16'' 3 guned Nelly FTW


  • Re : Nelson 2012 setup?

    12. 19. 2010 21:22

I am currently nearing the end of my grind from the Nelson to l1. I have
found tha there are many viable setups.
Basically, you can either run full guns or drop a gun and armor whore
You can run 3 trip 16s or 3 quad 14s with nothing but bulge
Or you can run 2 trip 16s or 2 quad 14s with 9-10 inches f deck which
should bounce anything bb4 and below and still leave you with decent
offensive power