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  • Buff SS Exp

    12. 23. 2010 16:31

It was an Outrage... In my IJN SS2 I got 70k attack... not a Bad battle... And how much
EXP do i get? 9k exp 0.o" I don't think Subs should get 100% shared exp. Its just not
fair. That's like giving an MN CV a EXP Nerf because they can do a lot more damage than
other CVs and some BBs.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    06. 12. 2011 17:01

Buff Submarine experience without a nerf period!

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    06. 12. 2011 13:42

xp difference molke aa only 2k credite batle win
So I will not surprised not even cv on this score do not take similar xp.After agitation
nerf x nerf y..crumbled whole XP system

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    06. 12. 2011 12:17

Definately. since subs are nerfed nearly beyond playability, definately give them more
exp so they can get to ss4 that is semi-playable.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    06. 12. 2011 11:38

To really make these threads worthwhile people should really focus on what they're
suggesting. To make a suggestion to change the effect of torpedo damage on exp would be
far more reasonable, unbiased and more likely to not only get recommendations but
implemented. I seriously doubt that SDE would make a change to just TB torp attack exp,
SS torp attack exp or TW torp attack exp. More likely than not if they changed one they
would change all. You would do better to unite players using Torpedoes than just saying
SS exp.

If you want to make it specific to subs, perhaps look at it from a somewhat different
perspective. Why not carry the SS line out further, putting in (either current CAs or new
ones) and moving SS levels in line with BB levels. IE SS1 roughly around 55-60, ending
with Tier 4 at 89. Solves a couple things 1: complaints that a level 77 SS is regularly
sinking a 100 + ship loses a lot of its credibility. 2: changes the gaps in sailor level
and ship level (particularly for the higher level sub BOs. 3: you would likely have a
very strong arguement to changing torpedo attack xp calculations (as the difference
between a tier 4 ss and a tier 4 bb wouldn't be the ~4.5M exp difference)

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    06. 12. 2011 10:47

I agree it is ridiculous. I use BB,CV and SS, and I cannot be bothered to grind from ss3
to ss4 cos of the pathetic xp gain

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    06. 12. 2011 08:38

ss exp only? buff torp xp so that not only ss can benefit also cv that chooses to go tb
(esp uk cvs)

but i fear that this lead to rise of number of kity's (kita kami) in gb :D

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    06. 12. 2011 08:02

SS exp definitely needs to be increased. I am in a IJN SS4, sank a monty and plenty
others, with 120k attack, and all I get is 26k exp? And this is with this month's +50%
exp event (ie. 17k normally). A BB of the same level, doing the same damage, would
probably get 70k plus I am guessing?

Oh and playing a sub is a hit and miss game. Some game you get tons of attack,
sometimes all you managed to do is damage a DD or another sub, and that's like 2k
exp. Playing a sub takes FOREVER to level.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 26. 2010 13:19

SS Exp system is wrong. The whole EXP system as a whole should be redone.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 26. 2010 11:02

Why can't you guys seem to get it through your thick skulls? When sub xp got nerfed so
did everything that launches a damn torpedo. I'm selling my tb's because they're such a
waste of space aboard. There's no point in attacking anything with them anymore.


I prefer forum noobs over wannabe trolls.

  • Re : Buff SS Exp

    12. 26. 2010 06:01

littlhem or whatever your name is SUBS GET 100% Shared EXP... Attack doesn't matter
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