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  • Help with my first planes

    12. 31. 2010 03:35

Okay I admit, I am a noob at this game, but not forums.

Can I find anything to let me know how to use planes, got my first CL with recon plane
capability and have managed to work out how to fuel the planes, but can`t figure out how
they take off etc.

Thanks in advance

  • Re : Help with my first planes

    01. 08. 2011 23:52

F 12 has the full list of commands including up/down etc...

  • Re : Help with my first planes

    01. 08. 2011 19:23

Fuel the plane
Click on the little round icon above where you fueled it...
press 1 and right click on the map to make the plane fly that way.

Alternatively.. you can press ~ on your keyboard to launch the plane and to make it
return later on.

  • Re : Help with my first planes

    01. 06. 2011 07:17

excellent thanks for the help

  • Re : Help with my first planes

    01. 02. 2011 00:09

You must have your pilot in a support slot. Pilots cant do anything if mounted on the hull
of the ship itself. If they're in a support slot, you get a window in-game (replacing the
gun control) that allows you to set and control your aircraft(s).