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  • Best BB nation?

    12. 31. 2010 15:35

I'm going to form a BB line soon and I need to know the best BB nation?

  • Re : Best BB nation?

    01. 01. 2011 05:17

I think MN is the worst for first bb line. Their ships are imballanced. Good ships except
Richellieu, but it's hard to play because usually one, or two of the five attribution
(firepower, range, armor, speed, spread) is the best out of the same lvl ships, but others
are less than OK.
USN BB-s are ok their attributions are well ballanced, but I think UK is better. UK has
the best supports and, also has 1 more support slot on their shpis compared to all others.
IJN has nice firepower and range but their ships has made of paper.
KM has paperships too, but KM BB-s has nice speed, (sometimes faster than a Destroyer) and
the best range.

  • Re : Best BB nation?

    12. 31. 2010 16:48


Hi spyboy,

First, you should put this under the "General Discussion".
To answer your question, if you are still new to navyfield, the best bet is to choose
UK (RN).

However every nation has its own advantage. You'd better check the forum of every
nation. A lot of thread explained the "How to" and the feature of every nation.
For a better result you can use the search function.

Another good website to see is:

In the end, all BB5 in every nation has its own "feature".

Hopefully this answer your question.

good luck grinding...

  • Re : Best BB nation?

    12. 31. 2010 15:44


Have fun farming!