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  • What parts of BB crew to vet/boost?

    01. 05. 2011 11:42

Currently my crew is:

2 BO's 80-90 vets
2 Gunners 63 100 vets boosted
2 rld aa gunners 80 vets
4 reps 80 vets boosted
4 engs 80 vets
1 scout 80 vets

Does the aircraft stat matter on the scout? Ive seen some ppl say it dusnt and they
have him at like only 20 crew for super lightweightness. If so then i wasted vets on
him and he dusnt need to be boosted right? But if aircraft does matter, is it capped?
and should i vet AND boost him or leave him just vetted?

Engs i think ill eventually boost and same with the aa gunners.

But the BO definitely dusnt need boost right? They're level 50 and 56 right now in
Alaska/Pensacola (the 50 is in portland aboutto be pensacola) and i cant spot the
shells because my experts are pretty low. But 90 vets is plenty right?

  • Re : What parts of BB crew to vet/boost?

    01. 06. 2011 14:15

I've done 5 BB6's, and I stopped boosting gunners after the 3rd. Gunners will cap if
classed properly and decent vets + experts. I can generally roll to 100 vets fine and
full expert through AA... I don't use BBs in blitz, and my gunners are always leveled
significantly higher than BO.

I don't think anyone of my BOs has over 89 vets, and if it does its simply because in
trying to trim my guidelines by removing experts I got an (un)lucky conversion.

I still haven't seen a scout that can take Sodak AAW so I see no point in boosting. If i
care enough I'll roll vets/experts but no reason to boost.

Engineers come first in my mind... OH endurance and OH Cap are the two most important
things to me. Engineers with good Rest growth will help with the SD as well as good Rep
growth for better rep rate.

I'll boost Reps second. Outside of that my last crew and any going forward are strictly

  • Re : What parts of BB crew to vet/boost?

    01. 05. 2011 23:00

For me, I would invest first in the gunners,

getting better reloads, and better grouped shots is always more important for me
because the aim is to sink ships. Kinda hard to sink em when you have a spread like
that of a shotgun bird shot

Second, I would start to invest on my engys. You cant hit what you cant catch, plus if
you do get nicked, a quick ship is always great to have so that you can move to safety
and repair.

Third, I would invest on my Reps,

I do not generaly bother with BOs and scouts, I like to keep em light (for as long as the
BO can see what you are hitting)

  • Re : What parts of BB crew to vet/boost?

    01. 05. 2011 13:52

Tyvm that's the exact answer i was looking for. I dn't care about nuking the BO as
muc as i do about the gunners. But sinc my gunners are 12/9 acc/rld/rld. i wuldnt be
able to trm them THAT much because im hitting the reload cap a little late. So at high
levels im planning on trading for / buying elite USN reload gunners (that people use
for AA, 11/13, rld/rld/rld) and vetting those like crazy so i can nuke them and theyll
be super lightweight to use on much smaller ships

  • Re : What parts of BB crew to vet/boost?

    01. 05. 2011 12:24

Your best bet is finishing to BVE your engs and reps. The other sailors (Gunners, BO,
scout) will cap or don't matter as much. Engineers and repairers are MUCH harder to cap,
thus giving the biggest bang for your buck.

Unless you can't wait, don't bother boosting your BO because you will eventually get extra
long guide lines. You can boost if you want to spot your shells as a BB1-2 at max range or
if you want to super nuke your BO's crew later to save weight (negligible).

  • Re : What parts of BB crew to vet/boost?

    01. 05. 2011 12:18

Well it certainly can't HURT. It's just i know that BB4+ everyone cuts down their
recruits to trim down their lines. and i heard you only need like 100vets without
boost and youll still need to trim. But i suppose if you boost them and add even
more vets, you can trim your BOs alot and make them lighterweight

  • Re : What parts of BB crew to vet/boost?

    01. 05. 2011 12:08

All of my BO's are boosted and about 120 vets on them