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  • Need advice on EBB3

    01. 12. 2011 18:18

I've got two choices.



KM: Higher level, better in general. But, I have KM crew at 100+ (except for some support
that are nearly in 90 while rest are over 100) so I won't get much use out of EBB3 when I
can use H44 and get range but probably not as much hitting power. I also have the Andrea
Doria so have a great alternate BB to use instead of what is just on the shipline.

UK: Lower level, not as good, probably hits harder than any KM ship (I'd assume). But, I have
UK crews in the 50's. So I can use EBB2 I currently own and EBB3 as leveling platforms for
long term future growth. I do not have the UK PBB.

Which should i go for? I'm leaning towards the UK, but maybe the KM is the ship I should be
getting (It does look cooler).

Any suggestions/thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  • Re : Need advice on EBB3

    01. 14. 2011 02:39

malkara kesan
hoppala pasam

  • Re : Need advice on EBB3

    01. 12. 2011 18:31

go for the UK ship because youll be actually using it, while the KM ship might be a
beast itll be useless to you since your crew is already at a higher level.

it depends do you want to have fun with your KM crew or o you want to work on
your UK crew?

ultimately its your descision

  • Re : Need advice on EBB3

    01. 12. 2011 18:28

The strength of both those ships is their ability to level crew. Since you have more UK
crew to level and for longer, go with the UK BB3. It performs either like a QE with a
good AA suite or like a stripped down firepower platform for twelve 16" nelson guns.