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  • Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 14. 2011 01:13

Hi all just started a new UK BB line and was wondering wich ship is better, The Nelson or the
Pow , in terms of Range / Spread / Armor and Speed, i know that the Nelson cant use scouts
and im not too concerned with that, any help would be highly appreciated.
tnx in advance

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 23. 2011 20:04

I ike the nelly better put some 16in on there and farm away, only problem with nelly
no scout, so you rely on others for sight

POW use to be a beast, still good ship, but use to be much better before the nerf

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 23. 2011 14:24

i have both ships and i found nelly is alot better than pow. In terms of damage nelly is
better than pow with the 3 guns at the front while most AW/SW pow only uses 2 guns.
(12 shells vs 8 shells for quad) Nelly can also use the trip 16" mk1 which has decent
range but the spread is not great for low lvl gunners. In term of speed pow takes this
one, with 2 guns it can go 39 AW and 47 SW. In a gb environment with lots of bb5,
AWing a pow is pretty useless as they dont help much and it s better to go with speed.
Overall i enjoyed my nelly grind and i hated the pow because i know what nelly is
capable of.

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 23. 2011 05:52

lol Alex, don't get off topic ;P

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 16. 2011 17:32


  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 16. 2011 03:05

tnx all for the replies and a special thanks to mike for a indepth explanation still not there yet
so ill check out the battles and see what line ill choose ^^

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 14. 2011 17:50

The following comparisons are based on a 3x 16" Mk I L Nelson and 2x 14" Quad N PoW

Range: Nelson.
Spread: This isn't so much ship based as it is gun based, 14" N blocks, both ships can use
Armor: This is more about the guns setup, based on the assumption above, PoW.
Speed: PoW.

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 14. 2011 16:39

umm pow and nelly may be able to hold the same guns but, the nelly can hold 3x
epic quads while the pow can hold 2(3 but only 1 bind of ammo on 1 gun) plus the
nelly is way easier to aim then the pow....

also pow is currently the worst bb3 right now, only thing that makes it any fun what
so ever is the block shot( which isnt to effective)

the only thing that the pow has on the nelly is the scout... thats it

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 14. 2011 13:50

@ Post above, i disagree

The PoW (PoW line bb3) is incredibly fun, and significantly more satisfying, especially
when you land 8 high damage 14" shells on a target, take out a monty in maybe 3 hits. H44s
are the most fun when they run straight away and as long as you can aim straight you can
use any angle within 10 degrees and get an excellent hit :)

Anyways to answer to OP
Range: Well both PoW and Nelly can hold the 16" mk1s. They can also both hold the 14" Ns
(The guns most famous for the deadly blockshot) and I'm quite sure that they can both hold
the 14" Ls. Now the 16s range just under the 14Ls, have a slightly worse spread but a very
high damage output. The 14Ns have a sort of KM BB1 range which isn't too much, however
they're light and the damage is awesome.

Spread: Well as mentioned above, the 14"Ns are famous or infamous for their blockshot
ability. The 14Ls arae disliked for their "Bad" spread but i'm of the opinion it's not too
bad, but the 14Ns do ruin you. The 16s have apalling spread, at level you'll find it
impossible to get more than one shell hit per 2 salvos.

Armour: Theoretically the KGV can armour enough to bounce anything up to bb3 shells, but
that can only really be used with the 15" duals which have better range, sacrificing
shells and damage as well as spread. The KGV will run at about 29/47 with good engys,
which i believe is the speed cap. My PoW went to 29/46 with two front quad 14Ns. But that
had about .2" belt and 27 bulge. Apparently you aren't supposed to armour the Nelson but
i've seen plenty of people play it like that incredibly effectively.

Speed: Well the PoW line is undoubtedly the fastest, although the renow is significantly
faster than the revenge and the same goes from the repulse to the QE. You have to remember
that armour significantly decreases speed.

There are so many options for both ships that it's impossible to tell which is better to
choose. The beginning of the PoW line is a much better grind, the revenge and the QE are
much better than renown and repulse (IMO). You're also forgetting the Hood, which many
people overlook. PoW and KGV are difficult ships to learn, but once you get used to them
you realise that the skill involved is significantly higher than the Nelly line, to use
properly, and so when you realise you can do it you get a much higher reward in terms of

Sorry about the rambling and it's all my personal opinion, but to sum it up:

PoW line=fast with bad range, awesome damage and spread. Nelly line has terrible damage,
range just past SoDak, very good damage when you hit.

Still remember that they can all use the same guns, but Nelson has more gunspace and a
lower speed so.

Thanks if you bothered to read it all :)


  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 14. 2011 08:37

Pow Line has more fun in the bb1-2

nelly line has more fun in bb3

  • Re : Started new UK BB line ( Nelson VS Pow )

    01. 14. 2011 07:29

Just remember if you do go nelson and that your not concerned about not carrying a scout,
remember you still need to level one up.
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