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  • Newbie questions! please help

    01. 19. 2011 05:19

Hi people! how its going? well.. im new to the game and i would like to get some
answers about the game! if you can help me ill be very glad :D

1) i rolled two 10/12 reload gunners for my UK ship but i was thinking about buying
premium acc/rld. would it worth it? or should i keep my 10/12 gunners? also.. if i keep
my 10/12 should i class them acc or reload? also, ill try to boost expert vet them
whenever the choice.

2) i rolled too an 15 potential 10 restore and the situation is same as above! should i
pay for an 16/9 or stick with my 15/10? maybe try roll a 14/12 13/12?

3) how can i know who im supposed to shoot with armor piercing bullets?

4) im trying to roll a 12 scout. but.. have the uk bb line fighters? or once i got a scout
i must leave him as scout or should i search for a good skill in fighter? fighters can
scout? im very new about that one because i never got airplane ships!

5) what is blockshotting? (english is not my native language and im confused about
this one)

6) thank you so much for your time guys :)

  • Re : Newbie questions! please help

    01. 19. 2011 12:21

** 3) how can i know who im supposed to shoot with armor piercing bullets?

most of the time you need ap vs 2 gun ship like L1-L2 and some other ship lik qv ..

1- check the speed of your ennemy by left clik on him
exp if you see a qv oh at 35knt dont ask question use ap!!!

2- if you have 40 angle cannon in (bb4-5) try to get your first shoot whit he, then
swicht to ap but make shure you fire at full angle 40. bb 1-2-3 swich to ap beford
engage the target.

if you can keep the ennemy at max angle use he only most of the aw ship cant take
a full angle shoot exept vs km ship

and dont forget what blazer said uder 30 angle use he cause ap do almost noting
whend you hit the belt of the ennemy

  • Re : Newbie questions! please help

    01. 19. 2011 08:26

A 15/10 for a BO is absolutely fine. As stated spotting shells at lower levels (barring
serious vets/experts) is true of elite Pots as well. Having a higher base in Rest/Rep on
a BO is nice but isn't the most important thing (particularly with UK with the +2 to rep
and restore naturally). As there is no increase in growth on rep/rest once classed as a
BO it will remain at (in this case) +12. When you look at it as you level, it will add
some SD and rep value but it will be minimal, not something to stress over.

In terms of blockshotting, it is great to land a full salvo on someone but it is also
incredibly frustrating to miss a full salvo by only the smallest amount. It definitely
takes time to get used to landing all the shells (particularly in a KGV or POW doing 45+
knots, or shooting at something with a small hitbox).

Armor can be a weird thing at times. While some say below 30 is where AP becomes
ineffective, I'd argue that between 20-30 is a gray area. Shells can still manage to land
on the deck between these angles, or they can hit unarmored belt and pop 0s with AP.
Though if you smack an armored ship at max angle with AP, its just an enjoyable experience.

As for the gunners, classed well 10/12 is more than enough. I used 9/12s on my UK crew
and did not really have any issues. Still caps. If lower levels are really killing you,
boost, expert and vet will improve them dramatically more than buying an elite. If your
not too concerned with the ability at lower levels, there is not really even much of a
reason to boost or over vet them. Unless someone is just trying to save sailor weight,
100 vets and full experts unboosted will cap at a reasonable time, and saves you a few

One suggestion to offer you is that an invaluable skill in this game is AAing. Experience
from AA is through the roof, shot down planes are the best provider of experts on sailors
(later try to roll to vets). Now UK is not the best for AA, but is useable, but on other
nations as you play, the ability to shoot down scouts becomes priceless.

  • Re : Newbie questions! please help

    01. 19. 2011 08:11

Hi, welcome to the game. =)

1 - a pair of 10/12 gunners is hard to get. premium sailors are better for main guns,
since they're 13/11 or 11/13, but the 10/12's are useful for one of two things. First,
you could operate AA guns with them because of their good reload speed. Second, you could
level them to 12 and sell them on the trade board for a decent amount of credits.

But if you want to use 10/12 gunners as main gunners, there's nothing wrong with that.
There's an upper skill limit on acc and rld, and they'll hit it eventually. 13/11 will
hit it a little quicker, but not by much. (And heck, my BB6 is using 10/10 main gunners.
They capped a long time ago and are just as good as another BB6's 13/11 gunners.)

2 - A 15/10 bridge officer is more than good enough, it's excellent. You'll still have
trouble spotting shells as you get new guns, but that's true even for 16/9 BO using UK
guns. Levels and vets solves this problem.

3 - Experience will tell you who needs AP to sort out. A ship moving slowly and missing
it's rear turret(s) is a good general rule. Just remember, that a shot at 30 degrees of
elevation or less doesn't really benefit from AP ammo. it's best when you have a high
angle plunging onto the deck. Use HE at shallow angles.

4 - Only a carrier can operate fighters. if you're playing a cruiser or battleship, leave
that pilot as a Rookie pilot or he won't be able to operate the scout plane. And don't
stress about finding a 12... scouts die. An 11 is fine.

5 - Blockshotting is landing all the shells you fire in one ridiculously small spot. Only
certain guns can do it and it takes a minimum level and number of vets depending on which
gunset we're talking about. The York's triple 8's are the first set that can blockshot to
good effect, and the quad 14" N guns are the most famous and dangerous blockshotters in
the UK line.

  • Re : Newbie questions! please help

    01. 19. 2011 07:44

Ty so much! when i said restore i mean to say repairer! my bad there! thats because i
readed on a guide that i must search a bo with high repair skill.. so should i look for an
higher repair value or stick with my 15/10 ? thank you so much!

  • Re : Newbie questions! please help

    01. 19. 2011 07:32


1- For UK generally speaking, your 10/12s are likely to be sufficient. My 10/11 gunners
capped out on accuracy pretty fast. Likely you will want to class as Reload, as that is
the harder stat to cap out. Though I'd wait for other opinions

2- For UK you dont really need to worry about restore, with a proper support crew, you'll
hit 900 SD very fast. If you dont mind when you get it, use the 15 pot, if you want to hit
900 sd a little earlier, go with the others, but beware... you may have difficulties
spotting shells with less POT at lower levels. However, no matter what, eventually you may
need to trim the experts off your BO, as your guidelines will get too long at BB5 + levels.

3- Generally speaking, the only ships you'll encounter that are Armoured are UK, however..
a good sign of an armour whore is slow speed, and less guns. (2 guns vs 3 etc) Also when
you shoot him with regular shells, you'll see very little damage being done (even 0)

4- A scout will always be a scout. UK BBs can only launch scouts, unlike for example IJN
who have one BB capable of launching fighters. Don't stress too much over the airplane
/fighter stat on him. 10 or 11 is more then good enough. For your scout to live, you'll
have to carefully watch him and move him around. (Look in the tips section for a guide on

5- Blockshotting is simply when all of your shells that you fire land in about the same
spot. Off hand, the UK guns that can do this are the quad 4s, trip 8s and quad 14n/d.

BBs/ CAs that can often be seen blockshotting are the POW/KGV and of course the York.
Other ships while perhaps they can use the blockshotting guns.. generally dont, as these
guns usualy have poor range.

Hopefully thats a bit helpful, if I missed anything I'm sure someone will fill in the blanks.