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Marine Nationale


  • mn bb6 waste.

    01. 20. 2011 20:07

All that time for this really? no tweeks nothing? Been waiting now since you released
this abortion for you to somehow fix this epic waste of my time........AND you wonder why
you have to do server merges. Had my guys at 120 just WAITING FOR IT, and you deliver a
Lemon. I read all the forums about why you didnt go with the first test team and his
arguments thinking "oh valid points". Turns out he was right, you guys are idiots.
Because whoever tested this thinking it would work obviously had no idea.

Atleast you save me money because i aint waisting another dime on this game

I've been been Vandelized.

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    02. 04. 2011 11:10

i dont know what the hell are you talking about, the MN BB6 Charlemagne is and awesome
ship is you use it full armor, its the hammer of hell, its a little diferent to use from
the other BB6 but its great, Ive try all the other BB6 and myself have 2, and soon 3 BB6,
im not a noob in this game

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    02. 03. 2011 16:04

Apparently on NFEU the Charlemagne is "more balanced" as a BB6 than on NFNA.
However that is what I heard and may not necessarily be fact.

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    02. 03. 2011 15:13

This guy cracks me up.

A QV and a CV, huh? Not horribly difficult with a BB1. Charlemagne is not required.

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    02. 02. 2011 17:28

I like the Charlemange, I pwned a QV and a CV with it once.

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    02. 02. 2011 16:30

Reverse the forward and reverse speeds and it'll be the ultimate run and gunner...

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    01. 25. 2011 19:14

It could have 10 more turrets it wouldn't matter. It cant wear armor, and its short range
along with being a "fat bottom'ed girl" to quote the Vets guy means its dead before it
ever can use em when facing another bb6.

I've been Vandelized

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    01. 25. 2011 15:24

Because of that lack of range, carrot class battleship should have one more turret to
became the one with the biggest attack per one salvo.

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    01. 23. 2011 18:18

i got this from test server discussion
Current projects:
1. Soviet nation (stage 2)
2. Soviet nation (stage 3)

Future projects: (stages explained in more detail below)
2. Soviet nation (stage 2)
3. Soviet nation (stage 3)
4. MN (re)balance
5. Several other projects that aren뭪 planned fully yet.

i do think they haven't touch number 4 of the future project, hope they will nerf mn <Im a
pure mn player ^_^>

well i have seen the charlemagne in action though not until the end cause it in the
opposite team, it has a short range but good speed and its a CARROT L:D

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    01. 23. 2011 15:57

@ richard: if they will let u grab a hold of the charlemagne and balance it the right
way i am gonna be glad.

(same aa angles the richie has would be a good start)...

  • Re : mn bb6 waste.

    01. 23. 2011 15:43

yeah its a carrot ship...
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