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  • Average BB5 time

    01. 21. 2011 21:31

Just needed some numbers crunched. If I played 5 hours a week with prem sub on
average how long will it take to get BB5

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    02. 04. 2011 11:26

all BB in MN line except BB3 and BB4 are very good ships

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 23. 2011 22:11

15 days of freakish play.

So probably a full slab of premium if you play 5 hours a day and manage the XP I did.

So probably two months.

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 23. 2011 08:46

couldnt have said it better pitt. Lorraine, once you get your gunners up and vetted, is a
pretty nice boat being small and hard to hit. You'll still run out of ammo, but tick
everyone off because its so damn small. Next two boats seriously must be what they
consider a very cruel prank.

I've been Vandelized

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 22. 2011 23:46

It took one month before we had great retard fest 2, and the leecher plus prem. I reccon
you could do it in 2-3 weeks if you can get gb1s going after you hit lorraine.

GB2 will speed up the lower level grind a lot with its supreme pro leeching xp system.
GB1 would net you better xp if you actually play the game and not just press F for XP, and
Lorraine is the one ship you need to get xp for yourself, infact it will be the only ship
you use until BB5, as BB3 and 4 are useless crap.

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 22. 2011 13:16

LOL yea the lyon is killing me too, but french line for bb's does seem like a waste =/
perhaps USSR will be better

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 22. 2011 12:38

i found it faster to level up to a 103 CV then going down the BB line then BO reset. I got
sick of the richie and the lyon.

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 22. 2011 09:34

In June i had acl replacement surgery so i had nothing better to do than start the french
line. I did the alsace at 105 in 3 weeks....that included the event at the time that gave
boosted xp 3 days a week though haha.

Dont waste your time on the french.

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 22. 2011 09:31

1 month was all it took me. Provided though that was last year in Q2/late Q1.

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 22. 2011 02:56

i did lvl 103 in one month

  • Re : Average BB5 time

    01. 21. 2011 22:23

dunno .... i seen people get to it in 2 months ... but that was them playing up to 35
games a day ...