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  • Seaman on BBs?

    01. 24. 2011 16:06

I have never get the point of seaman class. ThereI have never trained a seaman. But now i
am curious would it be useful on BB? And if not then why are they used anyways? Mb for CVs?

From some old posts i read it gives you OH, but those posts about seamans are really old
so maybe you guys have some more information about it. Thanks

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    02. 03. 2011 14:56

Engineers do work in the BO position of any premium ship, and Seaman make very good
BO's there if you are pushing crew levels. I had performed a controlled test with the
seaman on cv's, and they certainly help the fighter ability. One note, you can bet as sure
as the sun comes up, that SDE will change the ability functions yet again, such as the
fighter changes mentioned here although my seaman helps the FC of my new fighter pilots
a great deal. The change in fighter ability mentioned here did not stop the seaman from
increasing FC ability. I'd like to see the AAW stat start to kick in sometime, and the
seaman would help that as well. A seaman can make a pair of bad gunners into good
gunners or engies, repairs, aa, etc.

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    02. 01. 2011 08:55

on BB no, and CV? if you want put on your FP maximum of vets, dont do a seaman.

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    02. 01. 2011 07:36

Engineers don't work in anything but support slots. Great.

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    02. 01. 2011 05:53

If its worth? your call, I like myself.
If it work? yea it does, it raises all your sailors abilty by the points it has on each
if you wanna see it working, a easy way to do so is to get a lvl 120 seaman and
check your BO line, it will be quite longer ;)

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    01. 31. 2011 21:29

I believe:

yes I believe

seaman bonus depends on level / target sailors' level
do not depend on seaman's recuit / expert
and depend on target sailors expert / recuit
accuracy on gunner is calculated in 2 layers.


  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    01. 26. 2011 01:01

Hi all,

Just thought i would add my little bit here, i have a cv5 which on i have my seaman
which was lvl 98 when i decided to start my first bb line.

I was going through the level grind and was pretty upset with the spread of guns, sd
from sailors, speed etc, I must add that my bb crew are all elite, vetted and
experted. my crew include 1 bo, 2 gunners, 6 engines, 3 repairs, 1 restore and a
scout which will cover all my crew for the BB6 for that long day in the future when i
might get one.

Anyways i was going through levels got to BB1 and decided to try my seaman to see
what would happen, and wow sd went up by approx 180 which is alot from 1 sailor,
my gun spread increased alot and performance from support crew also was easy to
notice. I am now on my lion 1 and have tried it with and without my seaman on and i
must say i get better performance out of all stats with him on, most important in my
eyes being the spread from the lion 1 guns which at the moment im pretty much
block shooting at BO lvl 95 and gunners lvl 96.

Using this method means instead of at this stage only rotating 1 support to lvl up
means you have to rotate 2 but with the increase in all ships performance is worth
the hassel.

I have friends that didnt advise doing this but they have also seen the difference in
my ship and say its a good idea.

I also need to say my seaman is pretty much a 13/14 on all stats apart from the odd
12 but is now lvl 105 and helping me alot.

In my opinion yes a seaman can help alot and does increase stats for all other

hope it helps.


  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    01. 25. 2011 20:56

Repairers and restorers work in t slots. As far as I know, Pilots, medics, BOs and engies
do not work in tslots

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    01. 25. 2011 20:09

Hmm, maybe it would be worth borrowing a seaman from someone while leveling through
BB1-3... mostly to help with SD.

But that takes away a slot for a crew to level up in.

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    01. 25. 2011 19:25

i heard that most support crews only work when in the suppoty slots, i know engies
HAVE to be on the support slots otherwise they only provide SD if placed in the t
slots, but seamen are an exception they still provide their abilities even on t slots,
so thats where i have my seaman seeing as how engies are useless on t slots.

i have played witha a rule that only gunners, or seamen or the sailors you are
leveling go on the t slots, and now that i have a seaman, approaching 80 i am
seeing significant boosts in the over heat time of my engies.

  • Re : Seaman on BBs?

    01. 25. 2011 12:41


I really have to disagree that 4 engineers + 1 seaman is as good or better than 5
engineers. I had a 115+ bve seaman on a bb crew with 4 engineers and have since replaced
with a 115+ 5th engineer. I would never go back to a seaman in place of a 5th engineer.
I support the idea of seamen on CVs but would never again put one on a BB.
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