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  • Small Scouting Tip

    01. 24. 2011 19:35

Most good players probably know this, but maybe most people don't do it, I don't
really know. A little trick i use for scouting is (especially if i dont have AA), i wait a
little before launching my scout in the beginning, then as i see the enemy scout
approaching, i launch my scout and send it towards the enemy BB, which their scout
follows, and as most BB's dont pay huge attention to their scouts, their scout gets
pulled back to their ship with my scout.

And bam! im scouting their ship, they're blind, and you don't have to use AA.

Of course, this works much better when you have a good, fast scout that won't get
shot down easily.

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 26. 2011 20:09

Then the guy following your scout is probably a bigger noob than you are. Remember
that scouts are not fighters; they rely on what they see to avoid getting shot down
although they themselves are fighter AI's in a scout plane.

And even if the BB player is intentionally following your scout, again he isn't paying
attention to his guns since he'll likely be right clicking and pretending to follow you. If
it's another ship type's scout, they would rather keep their distance rather then risk
getting lead into a trap.

If it's just the AI dumb following you then you could just lead fire (AA), head to a CV's
fighter group or just lead him where there's nothing (usually their own line).

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 26. 2011 10:05

it sounds like a good Idea and all, but what if the person actually does follow the scout
like I do because I am a noob and that is how I play

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 26. 2011 01:09

When you have a scout yet don't have AA (or just too lazy to use it)...send your scout
and lure it to someone who does.

Or better yet, lure it to your team's CV and his hungry fighters.

Personally I use my own scout as the same way I do fishing; Send my scout at a
different angle, make his scout chase mine, then lure him to my AA guns. Mmm, yummy

If that scout belongs to a BB, KEEP AT IT! While he's busy playing cat-and-mouse with
your scout, he isn't paying attention to shooting and before he knew it, he's dead by
you or your team's BB. Most BB drivers are lousy multi-task users and therefore hardly
pay attention to small things (like subs). I use this technique especially whenever I
escort my charge.

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 25. 2011 22:29

I was being sarcastic...

however... if all the cv who use fighters got pissed at constantly whined at and
stopped using their cvs in gb2 that would make it so much easier for me to BW :D

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 25. 2011 21:03

lol supernova, it was sarcasm.

As to the rest of you, oops my bad, i forgot, this applies to Nelson server where it
works wonders hahaha

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 25. 2011 05:13

Nice tip eSHkidd but if the enemy team has good players too,this wont work.But is a good
move to do when you don't have AA or you are going to launch your scout anyway.
Now as for your post Lairosen A huge LOL!!! A real good BB player like me that has decide
not to carry scout,in order to level 1 more rep. Never and i repeat NEVER ask or
complaining about blindness by blaming his teammates and especially the cv's.
Now, if you want to follow this play style and if you know how to shoot the ''smokes''
then follow it properly and not by complaining.

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 25. 2011 00:49

lol Lairosen, i think this thread is for CV drivers :P

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 25. 2011 00:21

REAL BBs dont use scouts, they whine at the CV to make them do everything

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 24. 2011 22:34

luring the scout plane will do no good...

  • Re : Small Scouting Tip

    01. 24. 2011 20:40

Not much of a tip.

1) YOU are blind while moving to the front lines and risk getting rushed in the dark
2) If you hang back, then the enemy would take ground quickly and you wuold be
pushed back much sooner.
3) Not everybody selects theirs scout right in front of your ship. Until that scout hits
its destition, it wont chase other planes.