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  • Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    01. 27. 2011 04:26

Holder post. If you could not figure out, these are all separate solutions, NOT one giant
solution in steps

En Espanol:

Before I move on, I'd just like to clarify something about Hackshield.
There are MANY other games that use HackShield (Maplestory, Combat Arms, War Rock to
name a few). Also, a different anti-cheat software called Punkbuster is much more intrusive
than Hackshield. In the case of Punkbuster (which is HackShield x2), many more games such
as the Battlefield series, Call of Duty series, Need for Speed, F.E.A.R., Medal of Honor
and many more use it. Hell, even the US Army uses Punkbuster in its full glory for
America's Army 2 and 3. Hackshield is a legitimate anti-cheat program that has been around
for a while and has been trusted by literally HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of players across the
gaming world. It will not steal your personal info, nor release it.

Here's a list of known HS problems and fixes:

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    03. 21. 2011 19:45


  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    03. 10. 2011 14:13

go to your items tab in your shipyard. all your ships are there

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 26. 2011 09:53

LOL. Well, got it to work... but its laggy and slow as hell.... OH YA! AND ALL my
premium ships I bought with REAL MONEY are missing. EPIC FAIL!

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 17. 2011 18:28

I have not played about a quarter year and installed NF today again. SDE are you
i didnt manage to get hackshit running along with punkbuster and adobe production
suite & outpost suite & process explorer. also it tries to scan all network mounts (yay -
6TB xD - and my network got stalled. after 3 hours i decided to use a virtualbox: fresh
winXP and only NF installed. There you can do, what you want SDE.
i can recommend this for everyone, who has lots of trouble with hackshield.

P.S. did SDE think about those guys who where manipulating/chating virtual
machines??? i think not... doh!

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 17. 2011 15:18

Stupid game worked fine for me 2 hours ago, Then just all the sudden massive lag, now i
cant even get to the loading screen, instead i get a error 30000011.... what ever that
is! btw when are they gonna make this game easy to install and enjoy with out
troubleshootin it all the freakin time!

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 16. 2011 13:05

look at solutions 1 and 4. Also, do solution 4 on HSUpdate was well

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 16. 2011 07:26

I found installing NF now is so frustating after been awhile not playing. Tried everything
even re-install but still no works for me. Always like this : Click NF launcher.... click
"playgame".... Hackshield mini windows pop-up & loading for 15 minutes.... "error has
occurred in update function.(Error code = 30000090) !!

I never have problem before Hackshield implemented -.-"

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 11. 2011 19:37

you need to allow NavyFIELD and all other applications (launcher, hsupdate, enfuns
updater) run with administrator privileges and in compatibility mode (windows 98/me). As
of the new patch, this is allowed.

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 11. 2011 13:59

Yeah, I agree with the last post. Since the HackShield was made light, the mini-version
causes so many random crashes/screen freezes. I have had many times when I just
login, goto my harbor, click yellow arrow to goto battle, click on an open room. Just as I
get into the room, I see all the joining ships loading , going round and round arrow,
including my ship. Ok, so I kill NF.exe process and launch again. Lucky for me, yaayyyy I
get the same exact thing again, and for 4 more times. Can you believe 5 times in a row,
without playing a single battle in 30 minutes. My frustration is increasing day by day
and I don't think the day's very far, when I need to take the drastic step of uninstalling,
because its not really fun when you end up spending most of the time killing NF process
and relaunching it. I really don't mind HackShield running on my comp, but the constant
crashing and screen freezing is simply not worth it anymore. A good game should be
stable, no matter what the platform. So buckle up SDE and make this work or its hasta-
la-vista from me !!!

  • Re : Hackshield solutions -- READ:

    02. 05. 2011 14:35


I was running rather good since the light version was introduced. But now since the
un-noted patches that were downloaded since yesterday I have been experiencing
constant crashes.

I've not been able to complete a single battle. I'm getting them during startup,
exiting the shipyard, during battle. Also seems many others could be getting them
as in a battle I was steaming along in HMS.Milne and "gong" a cruiser beside me
disconnected and then "gong" another cruiser beside me disconnected and then
bugger crash to desktop.
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