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  • Win XP 32 bit Code 204 error help

    01. 27. 2011 18:05

I'm using Win XP SP3 32 bit. Reinstalled the NF, still showing the Code 204 error message
before the game starts to load.

Checked other posts, seems all the methods are based on Vista/ Win7, such as right click
on game icon and choose run as adminstrator. But the key is there is no such option as
Run as an adminstrator.

So anyone here has the same problem, or know how to solve this problem. I have been
waiting on forum for a solution since the patch is applied last night.

  • Re : Win XP 32 bit Code 204 error help

    02. 07. 2011 12:30

yea error code 204.... gives the same error in subsection