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  • Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    01. 27. 2011 19:53

To get Windows Vista to work, you need to do the following...

The following programs must all be modified...

In NavyField Directory... ENFUNSUpdater, NavyFIELD, NavyFIELD Launcher
In NavyFIELD/HShield Directory... HsLogMgr, HSUpdate

Each of them must be set to the following...

1 - Run As Administrator
2 - no compatibility mode
3 - Disable Visual Themes

And both NavyFIELD and NAvyFIELD Launcher must be set to run MAXIMIZED.

Do this, and after the updater the loading circle should spin for a godawful long time.
Mine took 15 minutes. But the game WILL load if you let it sit there long enough, and you
can log in and play normally.

No idea what lag I'll encounter without Compatibility Mode now, but we shall see.

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    05. 30. 2011 05:47

strange that everyone is having problems with this on vista.

The main comp i play NF on is my 64 bit vista laptop. I do not have any lag or crash
issues. I am running the latest service pack of vista, 8gb of ram, 3.2gh processor and a
1gb deicated graphics card.

I did not change any settings for the game to run.

Dont know if this will help out but thought id put the info up to see if someone smarter
could use it.

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    04. 22. 2011 12:28


?? no .. just the nf updater ...

then the HS updater auto-ran itself .. when i hit PLAY GAME ..
(that grey box in the above screenies)
it hits the end and then blacks out instead of starting game spinner ..

i'll go do it again with a manual hs update this time ... thank you for you continuing
help - appreciated

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    04. 22. 2011 04:55

Did you manually run the HS updater?

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    04. 22. 2011 01:28

did .. several times ... still no joy ... whats i doing wrong ? .. or .. whats next ?? ..

i wiped and downloaded a new fresh whole game download .. (53 minutes) ..
.................................................................................................. several times ..

always the same thing ... see below ..

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    04. 21. 2011 07:24

Ok lets start from scratch.

Uninstall every thing NF and D/L a new full version of the game.

OK once you completely uninstall the game and delete all remaining
folders you can start the reinstall.

NOTE THIS IS FOR x64 based systems ONLY
As it starts it will show thte directory to install to and that is where
you tell it to use the (Program Files(x86)) folder and you do the same
for the Efuns launcher that it will install.

Once done dont start the game, reboot and you should have a desktop
icon to start the game click it and let it run, you should see the HS load
in the top Left corner and when it gets to the point and says Launch
game, DONT just exit and once closed start the game and log in normally

As for the options rt click on the desktop shortcut and go to properties
there you will see the compatibility tab and can set the options.

disable visual theme
disable desktop composition
Run as Admin

IF the Launcher does not run or crashes d/l the efuns update and run it and
make sure you install it in the same root folder as the game
IF the HS does not load or crashes d/l the manual update for it and run that.
Let me know

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    04. 21. 2011 00:33



did that .. STILL not working .. launch the game ... get the updater screen (NO
ORANGE FILE DOWNLOAD BAR THO) .. message says NF udater failed ... PLAY GAME
turns BLUE .. click PLAY .. HS starts .. but .. then right when it SHOULD have the NF
loader spinning ring appear the whole thing goes to black and a PROGAM
TERMINATED error message shows up ... the game WILL NOT START ... been at it for
over 10 hours now .. re-intstalled the game 5-6 times .. did all the win7 'fixes' .. still

what else can i do ??

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    04. 20. 2011 20:59

Right click on the launcher Icon and select properties

In the new window you should be on the shortcut tab
the bottom sections you should see a Run: and a drop down that has the following

Normal Window

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    04. 20. 2011 17:46

i just got a NEW hp computer .. win 7 etc ...

downloaded game .. FREEZES and CRASHEs right after HS starts loading

did all the stuff in OP ... EXCEPT .. HOW do i set it to run MAXIMIZED ??
i cannot find that setting anywhere ???.. .help ...

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    02. 01. 2011 20:36

nib alert but is there a permanent way to enable nf to run maximized?

  • Re : Windows Vista Works with Hackshield

    02. 01. 2011 19:09


How about WINDOWS XP SP2 LAG???
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