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  • Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    01. 28. 2011 19:37

I've recently returned to NF after about a year. Part of the reason for the break is I really
got tired of the grind, my current ship is a repulse w/ lvl 67 BO but I have lvl 81 gunners.
What I can't decide is whether to stay with the current line and possible add a Dunkerque to
help ease the agonizing grind or to go ahead and switch trees completely. If it weren't for
the cost I'd switch ship trees. So which is better Dunk or Revenge line?

FWIW: I started playing when NF was still beta and this is my original BO, 67 lvls of grind w/
basically no premium.

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    02. 06. 2011 08:20

Get the Dunk. It may not be the best PBB out there, but it's something, and it saves you a
hefty $13. Just keep grinding, and it'll get better soon

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    02. 06. 2011 07:33

ching, try doing Guam-Sodak with no Colorado OR premium :D

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    02. 05. 2011 20:29


Dunk: $6.99
Reset: $20

Easy pic for me. I went for the dunk. Nelly was nice, Vanny is sweet.

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    01. 31. 2011 21:23

ah, if your gunner is at 81 level, I agree to use Pbb to rotate the level up and save the
time for leveling the odd supporter

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    01. 31. 2011 16:29

you can still put both gunenrs on your ship. or even stick on in support slot. it doesnt
matter as they both gain the same xp. dunk is your best option. stick with renown line as
nelly is a good ship.

its not worth wasting 20 bucks

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    01. 30. 2011 17:01

I just realized a fatal flaw for this...Dunk only has 1 R gunner and keeping my gunners close
to even is hard enough as it is. So it looks like the games longest grind or EBB. I do have
my other BO, but he's a long way from BB. Thanks for the advice.

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    01. 29. 2011 01:55

I would say the nelson/repulse line is the best. The nelson is a great ship if you can aim
good. I would suggest not using your $20 on a bo reset but maybe on premium. I have the
dunkerque and used it up to the nelson; but to be honest it is not the greatest ship out
there. If you have high level gunners (which you somewhat do) and high level supports I
would get the dunkerque, but it is like every other pbb, there not too great at level, but
above level they are pretty good. Overall I would say the Dunkerque is better than the
repulse though.

Hope I helped!!!

  • Re : Dunk or Tree Reset or ???

    01. 28. 2011 20:13

You chose possibly the worst time to return lol.

Jokes and irony aside, I would say you're better off getting a Dunk, and stick with the
Renown line. Renown line is harder, but you get to save 20 bucks from using a Tree
Reset (unless if you have one already from those events, but I would still say you
should not use it). If you really hate Renown line, then make another BO for revenge
line, it takes like a week without prem at most.