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  • Looking for advice on trading - an idea

    01. 30. 2011 11:38

Not sure if this is the proper forum, or if the actual trade forum would be better.
Figured it'd be bad form to gunk up the trade forum with a post like this.

I'm pretty inexperienced with trading, and wanted to run an idea past you folks.

A bit of background - I'm a USN exclusive player that's played on and off for years. My
highest BO is around 62, and my highest gunners are a bit higher at 64ish. I have a CV
crew that works okay, but my current focus is to go all-in with my CV line and level up a
set of 8 pilots - 4 fighters, 4 bombers, all elite. Fighters are boosted, bombers will be
at some point as well.

I have a slew of gunners. Two sets of 12/10 BVE gunners(one set at LVL41, one set at
LVL22), a set of 11/12 BVE gunners@55, and some other random crap that is effectively

I've got a bunch of normal pilots that are going to be left behind once the elite fighters
get to level - about 5 fighter pilots averaging LVL45, 2 torp bombers at about 52, and 3
DB at around 56. None of these are elites or boosted, but most of the crew is experted.

I'm _finally_ getting into the world of battleships, and even with BVE gunners, I'm a bit
appalled by my accuracy. Sure, it's par for the course, but boring as all get out.

Now, my idea is to sell off most of my extraneous crews - the gunners I don't need and the
pilots I won't have room to use, plus whatever else will sell - and purchase a set of
high-level non-suck gunners. Now, if I understand correctly, If they're high enough
level, they'll be hitting the accuracy/reload caps for whatever guns I can reasonably
shove on my low-tier battleships, right?

How much would I be looking to spend on such high-tier gunners, keeping in mind that I can
BVE them if required, and elites probably aren't required?

  • Re : Looking for advice on trading - an idea

    01. 30. 2011 14:40


I have, as of right now, four sets of gunners.

I am asking if it makes sense to sell some of these(perhaps three sets?) and purchase a
set at a higher level than my BO+support. Presumably, this gunner would be well past cap.

I am also asking how much I would expect to pay for this, and whether or not I have enough
sellable sailors to generate that amount.

  • Re : Looking for advice on trading - an idea

    01. 30. 2011 13:18

For 11/10 gunners if they have 100 vets and a hundred experts they will cap at
lvl70, sooner if you boost them or put even more vets on them.

Once they cap its honestly pointless.

  • Re : Looking for advice on trading - an idea

    01. 30. 2011 11:56

Really? Even if I have two sets of same-base gunners? Huh, alright.

So you would reccommend against purchasing higher-level gunners?

  • Re : Looking for advice on trading - an idea

    01. 30. 2011 11:45

If your gunners have good stats and are boosted, then you have no point in selling
them as they haven't even hit their caps yet.

I recommend you review the USN sailor chart to see when they are ready to block
shot instead of shotgun spray. It is extremely satisfying when you can land all your
shells on one target instead of just one shelling nicking them.