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Marine Nationale


  • Complete DD guide

    01. 30. 2011 14:20

Welcome to my MN DD guide! In here I will teach you everything you need to know
about MN DD. First and formost let me appologies for not having images i'm not the
best at using a computer. If any body has any comments please just message me.

Stickied by Angus725.
Feb. 21th, 2011

(try not to edit the main post, as it un-stickies the post)

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    05. 21. 2011 12:47

Nice guide!

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    04. 08. 2011 17:47

The L'Adroit seems significantly more agile, and it's Q-class size. With the tiny hitbox
and good maneuverability it doesn't get hit nearly as much as the Le Fantasque,
which makes up for a lot of the weaknesses.

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    03. 24. 2011 10:32

Going to have to disagree with the OP about the DD2

I raised 2 MN BOs so I went both lines. Perhaps it's my playstyle, but Le Fantasque was
a nightmare to use, it was fat, turned slowly, and got eaten by CLs and CAs.

Perhaps L'adroit is just less noticeable, but I pulled 20k games without torps pretty
easily most of the time when I had trouble breaking 10k on my LF. The duals on L'adroit
with BVE gunners are pretty nice in all aspects excepts range.

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    02. 21. 2011 14:13

Ok, thanks guys. I already knew that the Pluton was better, but i wanted to see if it
had anything better than the Mogador.

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    02. 21. 2011 10:16

OK finished ASW

And for some reason this was un-stickeyed so it needs to be re-stickeyed

Now i'll return to, ironically, my SS

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    02. 20. 2011 21:53

If you want to use it, feel free to.

Glad to see you added the torps to the advantages, too. MN torpedoes are very
good, but IMO, the first series you get are generally the best overall... or atleast
they were, last time I checked.

Im also very happy to see you are updating this and that it is now stickied. Thanx to
Angus for the sticky.

Keep up the good work spy, you will have an excellent guide when it is finished, Im


  • Re : Complete DD guide

    02. 20. 2011 17:50

A million thanks Angus. Will work on ASW throughout the week
like what you have done with SN :)

Also DivingGiant since I have no clue about the L'Adroit so would you mind letting me put your
statement about the L'A into my guide

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    02. 20. 2011 17:06

Done. :)

If you could get the ASW part up asap, that would be nice.

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    02. 18. 2011 20:51

try using pluto with lvl 49 guns... it rocks ;D...but then again you could go reynaud with
same guns

pros of 3.9" dual lvl 49
fast reload
nice spread
range is same with 6" duals
low damage

but what the heck with fast rel you could get a decent attack points :D... i get 40k
attack points in the past

  • Re : Complete DD guide

    02. 18. 2011 17:53

@ Angus: Done

@Nitro: The pluton has 4000 more displacement, a better FCS and powerplant. IMO
not really worth it :)

And i'm gonna work on ASW over Feburary Break
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