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  • 18" guns on a Edinburgh?!

    01. 30. 2011 19:19

Grinind my way upwards, just noticed that at lvl 50 my gunners can use 18" guns on
the Edinburgh.
With a 20+second reload time. crikey.

I havent heard or seen anyone else doing this on one of these ships. seems a little
crazy, but anyone tried it and can tell me about it?

  • Re : 18

    02. 18. 2011 17:24

the furious was historically planned to accecpt 18in guns in single turrets.
essentially, the main reason these 18in lolguns are on is because the furious is a
PCA. besides, the 18in guns are ment purely for monitor work. EG: your fleet is in an
HA and are down to nothing more than CA's and down and you need to destroy the
harbour asap...

  • Re : 18

    02. 09. 2011 13:10

I tried this yesterday. but couldnt fit any ammo onto the ship as well. Im not sure
why this happened, admittedly I dont pretend to be clued up about gun space etc,
but there must be some way of putting them on along with the means to use them?

The weight did mean that I had to remove half the crew to keep the ship above the
waterline though!

  • Re : 18

    02. 09. 2011 10:39

I thew them on my PCL one time... i was a funny site to see, cruising around GBs with a
gun bigger than my ship...
needless to say, i would end the games with 0 attack..

  • Re : 18

    01. 31. 2011 21:17

18" single is good exp earner, as long as you can hit enemy BB for at least twice,
then, when you die (with perm), you will have at last 14k experience or above.

(my experience)

  • Re : 18

    01. 31. 2011 11:31

Yeah thanks - Im using the dual 8" at the moment, and had the triple 6" before that.
Am 3 levels away from the end of the grind to CV1, which seems to be going stupidly
slow lately for some reason.

If I get bored, watch out for an Edin charging at people before firing 18" guns at
point blank!

  • Re : 18

    01. 31. 2011 05:52

Yep, they're just there as a joke.

Don't use them unless you're really, really bored... so now's probably a good time.

  • Re : 18

    01. 30. 2011 22:02

18" singles are "fun" guns, most people put the 18" on County and PCL. They're not
really that "fun", because although you have the ability to one shot a low level ship, the
spread and reload will be terrible with at level gunners. Even with higher level gunners,
the 18" singles are still a terrible choice of gun setup.

  • Re : 18

    01. 30. 2011 19:23

some use it on county but they really suck and you'll be sunk by dds,cl,ca due to it's
reload time, you could use instead, 2x8" D or 3x6"L