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  • Soon-to-be Comrades' ship tree(s)

    02. 01. 2011 10:14

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts, from test server experience, are on
paths to take in the Soviet line. It seems to me that there is relatively little point in
purchasing ships between the Storozevoj (DD1) and Chapayev (ECL), the latter
coming only one level later, and remaining combat/crew relevent mannny levels
higher, than the Tashkent (DD3).

The Tashkent (DD3) is the only later destroyer boasting any marked improvement in
available armament over the DD1, yet is still weak in comparison to the DD3 of other
nations. The Chapayev, meanwhile, comes only one level later, boasts an extra
turret, and is able to mount as much firepower as all other modern-line ships prior to
the Kirov/Maxim Gorki (haven't experimented with the older line too much).

The Chapayev, from trials on the test server, seems as though it would better all
other ECL (not to mention, a good number of main-line CL/CA) in a gun duel; able to
mount four triple six-inch turrets at higher levels. Is there thus a point in purchasing
any of the modern-line ships between the Storozevoj and the Chapayev, or the
Chapayev and the Kirov?

What are your thoughts on the older line? Perhaps the uberness of the Chapayev is
a good argument for going the older-lineup, just to have some fun with
Russia's "mini-panzerschiffs" (Bogatyr, Pallada, Rurik, etc.).

  • Re : Soon-to-be Comrades' ship tree(s)

    02. 01. 2011 21:29

I've updated my ship tree with the information between the DD and CL choices if you
want to take a look at that and give me a few opinions.

  • Re : Soon-to-be Comrades' ship tree(s)

    02. 01. 2011 16:02

There seems to be alot more freedom on the USSR shiptree. More paths cross then on any of
the original ship trees.

  • Re : Soon-to-be Comrades' ship tree(s)

    02. 01. 2011 16:00

I prefer the
Mini Panzers!