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  • Crash

    02. 04. 2011 02:35

1.Click play
2.H/S comes up and loads
3. Then black screen then nothing!!!!
4 open task manager N/F not responding.

I am running windows XP,
Action taken so far:
1. put files in DEP
2.Updated all files enfus
4.allowed all through firewall and avg
5.all latest patches
6.disabled visual themes
7Now trying the last resort Banging PC with Hammer
8.Re/installed NF 4 times and done the above 1 at a time

Still not working any ideas anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re : Crash

    02. 08. 2011 12:51

Same problem here. I used to be able to start it up a few times and one of em would run, but now it always
crashes...... I know it's gonna take time SDE, but can you at least let us know if you're working on a solution?!

  • Re : Crash

    02. 04. 2011 17:48

same problem here too!

now i decided to uninstall NF from my computer because i can say its USELESS now
that i cant play. HS patch ruined it all!

i guess i gonna go back to playing when all is going smooth again

btw im always seeing the forums hoping for the one big solution to fix it all :|

  • Re : Crash

    02. 04. 2011 10:46

Mine was working literally 10 minutes ago... Got into a GBII game, then got disconnected
from the server.. Retried twice, got back in; crashed during the first game, again... Now
I'm getting the same crap that everyone else is getting. Except this just started with two
patches ago. Worked fine with the h/s, just the last patch.....

  • Re : Crash

    02. 04. 2011 08:14

Same problem, getting so tired of this crap.....
Are SDE's programmers cheap *** amateurs or what?

  • Re : Crash

    02. 04. 2011 02:44

Same problem here. Game freezes with black screen and most of the time I have to restart
the computer, since crtl-alt-del doesn't even make any difference.
Thats on Windows XP.
On Windows 7 the game just ends with the message that navyfield doesn't run anymore.
After a week of crash crap I wonder if anyone at the NF team is plagued by this.
Come on, the game was running perfect (except on win 7) until this weeks anti-hack stuff.
If that many players can't run the game solutions have to come fast. One can't ignore the
The game should just be installed and run. No bullshitting around about making lots of
adjustments to one's PC. Its the game that is the problem, not one's PC if the game ran
well before the patches.