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  • Host Stupidity

    02. 04. 2011 11:40

The host saying "host AFK, all out" or anything similar should be a bannable offense.

It should at least be grounds for removal from the server for an hour.

Because we don't have enough self-destructing rooms.


  • Re : Host Stupidity

    03. 15. 2011 14:59

Yeah, lock this please TNF...
It's not host stupidity... The host might be using his sence of humour...
Also, colour blind people shouldn't play videogames because almost every
videogame has some sort of color code in a part of it and this would cause fail
everywhere for them. So since the host-speak is brown text, people will know.
Maybe you're just mad because you didn't get the joke? :P

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 09. 2011 10:35

Recommended. It simply is stupidity.

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 09. 2011 10:05

Sometimes hosts forget they are host or have become the "new host" while alt tabbed.

When was the last time you hosted a room, Rehor? I can't remember one time in the
past 2 years I've seen you as the host of a room.

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 08. 2011 16:50


Get over it dude. They are just joking around and most people know if the orange
chat says it, well then you know HES JOKING. Not reccomended. Sounds to me your
annoyed about this and is not really a suggestion.

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 08. 2011 00:30

good idea.

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 07. 2011 15:03

really this is a waste of a suggestion space .. the host is typing in red text .. even
somebody looking over the host can see the text above his head.

you are trying to ban sarcasm. that or your trying to whore forum points


  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 07. 2011 14:15

Haha, it's funny, let's go wait 9 minutes in the next room after having waited 7 minutes
in this one before the host decided to be a retard. He's not just penalizing himself.
He's like a GB2 flagship who can penalize 30 other people at once by doing the simplest of

This is a gameplay issue. It's time for some discipline.

Reinforcing the "doesn't get it" theory.

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 04. 2011 20:37

..Someones not smart enough to notice its the host and had a fit.. ^^

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 04. 2011 20:31

ive had several rooms that a host has done that and people left, its nothing but a waste
of my time and everyone else's

  • Re : Host Stupidity

    02. 04. 2011 16:28

I think it is very humorous, but it people do it improperly and don't say JKING or
something along those lines then I could see a 1 hr ban.
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