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  • Game start freeze

    02. 06. 2011 04:04

Maybe here's the solution for those who has the game start freezing problem.
Let me first tell what was my problem.
I have 2 windows versions installed on my computer. Win XP and Win 7.
After all the new patches introduced with the Hackshield thing the game froze at the intro
pictures. I even had to had reboot the computer, since crtl-alt-del function did not solve
Now in WIN7 the game didn't freeze, I just got the message that the program didn't run
anymore due to problems, etc.

The Windows XP problem I solved. As I have a AGP NVidia graphics card with 256MB mem. (NV
44) made by XFX, I ran installation for the card from the original CD, so replacing the
latest NVidia drivers by the old ones.
The game runs again like it should.
Reinstalled the drivers as issued in november 2010. Game froze again.
Reinstalled drivers as issued on 30 january 2011. game froze again.
Reinstalled original drivers from CD. Game runs again.
Now the only thing I didn't try (yet) is to install the old drivers on WIN7. I'll try that
later and hope it will help.
I hope this will solve the problem for the many people who were dissappointed.

To be continued.

Edit Ok, tried the same with WIN7. No result downgrading the graphics drivers.
Well, switched off dep for the seperate NF programs. Hey, now it started again, except for
the terrible lag. All progeram files should though be set to run as administrator.
Compatibility I have at WIN XP sp3. Trying other solutions, so to be continued.
Ok, downgrading graphics drivers on XP gave many problems on other programs, so back to
the latest drivers. Removed all exotic codecs. No result.

Game freezes after third loading screen.
Win 7 is running but lags.