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  • Error code? Ugh...

    02. 07. 2011 18:39

ok, anyone know what this means, or how to fix it. "Error has occurred in Update
function. (Error Code= 30000011) This happens when I try and press play game for
NF launcher. please help, THANKS!

  • Re : Error code? Ugh...

    02. 09. 2011 05:30

nothing helped thx. ^^ I guess I have to wait, and have nf fix HS

  • Re : Error code? Ugh...

    02. 08. 2011 17:39

This error code means that either the NF launcher, eunfuns updater, or hackshield is being
blocked by something

here is a short list of things i would do to solve this issue:

Run NF launcher, enfuns updater, navyfield and hsupdate as an administrator
allow the above programs through your firewall
add enfuns updater, hsupdate to the data execution prevention list

instructions+additional solutions can be found here

  • Re : Error code? Ugh...

    02. 08. 2011 17:24

yes it does. Any idea's on what to do?

  • Re : Error code? Ugh...

    02. 08. 2011 09:47

yes i have the same problem. does the screen go black for 3-4 seconds after this error