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  • start up crashing

    02. 08. 2011 17:59

running navyfield becomes a game of trial and error. most of the times we just get the
"black screen of death" upon start up. all we have to do is ctrl+del, end task and try
again. this is not a thread for whining. it still "playable" for when it does start,
everything runs fine. it is just inconvenient for us players. please fix this asap.

  • Re : start up crashing

    02. 08. 2011 18:31

occasionally on start-up, i crash back to desktop. However, theres no need for ctrlaltdel.
try adding NF and NF launcher to the DEP. That may solve your problem

  • Re : start up crashing

    02. 08. 2011 18:03

btw i'm using:

asus p5l-mx
c2d e7400
2gb ram
win xp 32-bit
i always run as admin

dunno if this is needed but i think everyone else have the problem regardless of