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  • Strasbourg and Dunkerque

    02. 11. 2011 14:11

A few days ago i got bored and I started to learn about the different kinds of ships on
NF. When I was looking at the French ships I noticed that the Strasbourg and the
Dunkerque were the same ship class so they should be almost identical shouldn't they?

  • Re : Strasbourg and Dunkerque

    03. 28. 2011 13:44

hahaha kinda programing joke there "!=" lol, now I feel like a real geek.

For those who don't get it != means DOES NOT EQUAL in many programming languages (like java).

Oh and I found this stupid thing out. Click on your Dunks back AA gun slots, find the
dual 12 inchers.... and you should figure out the rest. :P XD

  • Re : Strasbourg and Dunkerque

    02. 25. 2011 13:22

They were beautifull ships. Ty for the nice pictures.

  • Re : Strasbourg and Dunkerque

    02. 12. 2011 09:18

Same class but they were little different.

Globally identical (same hull, ...).
But Strasbourg was more armored and little less stable because of more weight in height.
And some small differences like the chimney, the Bridge, ..., as we can see on this picture :

  • Re : Strasbourg and Dunkerque

    02. 11. 2011 19:17

Conversation exhausted. Next topic.

  • Re : Strasbourg and Dunkerque

    02. 11. 2011 14:33

Yes they were the same class. This is Navyfield where Navfield!=Real Life.