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  • Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 15. 2011 17:32

What are ur thoughts on the kitna, seems like a game can get ruined real quick?
Just seems like at some point torps should run out. esspecially when there are two
or more on the map. maybe remove some torps to were u could fire both side twice,
instead of endlessly during the round.

  • Re : Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 24. 2011 17:26

I think the Kita is fine, It adds diversity to GBs and now to much overpowered.
Although a buff will make them to overpowered

  • Re : Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 17. 2011 11:58

kita is receive to few exp,Buff Kita's space

  • Re : Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 17. 2011 11:55

No "KITNA" can fire endlessly during a game. The most I could put on mine is a
mere 130 torps. Barely enough for 3 minutes of game play. PLEASE buff the KITNA
T space!!!!

  • Re : Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 17. 2011 10:27

I'd venture to say that he's talking about blitz, where there are 2-3 kitnas on each side
of a hobbit map, that race in front of their team and spray a barrage of torps at the
enemy. Then, retreat back into their teams formation, creating massed amounts of chaos, as
teammates trying to fire can't as they have kitnas driving back into them and walls of
torps forcing them to retreat all the way to the back of the already small too crowded
hobbit map.

Nope, no reason for concern....

  • Re : Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 17. 2011 09:22

I assume the OP is talking about kitas in Blitz. In GB, there is a significant increase
in bulge being used, coupled with the reduction in xp from torp attack that a kita has
become less effective and much harder to level with.

While most do just drop their wall at the start, a 50+ knot kita with the 18k damage torps
that does sneak in, can still wreck havoc. The difference now a days is that you have to
manage to land more than 2-3 torps to do very much, where as landing 2-3 torps before subs
could get you decent attack (assuming you land 2-3 on a few different ships.

  • Re : Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 15. 2011 20:45

I've seen them used a couple other times in a more reserved manner, such as on ASW,
and surprising a pair of BBs trying to rush high after it was lost, they found themselves
pinned against a wall of torps and the barrier.

  • Re : Thoughts on the kitna

    02. 15. 2011 17:40

You can actually only fire twice from both sides and then have like 3 launchers left... so
they do run out of torps. For a good kita player... that is enough to create a great wall.

Kitas seem like they fire endlessly, but they are effective only at the start of the game...
they usualy are some of the first ships to get sunk in battle.