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  • IJN Crew/GamePlay Question

    02. 21. 2011 13:43

Hey everybody! I am thinking about making a Yamato/SY crew and how to Play it.

Just Wondering
|How many Engies/Reps.
|AA vs No AA
|Offense or Defense Play


  • Re : IJN Crew/GamePlay Question

    02. 26. 2011 17:38

|How many Engies/Reps.

I did 4/4, as I play very aggressively and take quite a bit of damage.

|AA vs No AA

While I don't use my AA much on SY and Amagi (and run no AA on yamato), it is very
useful as long as you can multitask a bit. I'd go with AA just for the SY's amazing AA

|Offense or Defense Play

As I've said, I play very aggressively. My best attack in SY was about 470k in a BB5
room. While playing aggressively with IJN is possible, it is not easy, it takes a lot of
experience to do good.


  • Re : IJN Crew/GamePlay Question

    02. 25. 2011 22:29

Note however that the AA has a very shallow GA and the AA of the yammy was more
intent to shoot down scouts. What does this mean? Planes can easily exit your line of
fire and you will be in a world of hurt if they happened to be bombers coming right at
you. Some CVs don't even bother going to your blind AA side because of this.

I'd find a good AA escort with higher angles to compliment your AAs. The USN AA ships
seem to be pretty good at this but KM is the best.

For other lower BB ships though, it's actually not a bad idea to have torps in your T
slots instead of AA but then that may leave out your AA team in the dust.

  • Re : IJN Crew/GamePlay Question

    02. 25. 2011 20:21

You don't need to boost/buy premium IJN main gunners, IJN main gunners actually have brains...

For AA, you should get a 12 reload base with a decent amount of accuracy, yamato AA is similar to spitting bricks at
planes :P

  • Re : IJN Crew/GamePlay Question

    02. 25. 2011 19:49

1. Regular set up for Engies reps is 4/3 and 4/2 in yamato
2.AA means you know that 4.7 Duals are the best in range. You will last longer. 6.1 inch
trips front and back t slots. golden angle is 27. You will not loose a knot if you mount
all the aa guns with main and all ammo and no armor.(well a bit of bulge before you loose
a knot.) NO aa means you dont know how IJN is. Or you just waitin for Amagi.
3.Offense: Try to shoot down the Scouts before you play offense. work the angles right
with the massive Air shell time. Use speed to your advantage. (for SY)
Defense: Best way to go. But you can be really good at offense too. Use 45 angle to your
advantage as it goes right through any armor doing practically the same damage.

Make 5 Elite/Boosted/100+Vet/fully Experted Engineers
3 Elite/boosted/120+vet/fully experted Repairs
2 Elite Accuracy boosted/100+vet/Fully experted gunners
12+ Air scout with 10+ or higher on Bomb for your scout.

2 elite Reload or 12+ reload and doesnt matter AA. /boosted/100+vet/fully experted class
armament at lvl 12. Class as DP gunners at lvl 65+(for greater Reload)

  • Re : IJN Crew/GamePlay Question

    02. 21. 2011 18:03

I got IJN Yamato/SY but I run my Yamato without AA. But as what he said. Yamatos
require AA to play as offensive when enemy are blind and defensive when enemy can
spot you.that is why we use AA while retreating.

I run my Yamato with 5EBVE eng/3EBVE rep. But I run 5EBVE eng and 2 EBVE rep on my
SY cause I use AA on SY. But still it depends onto you on how you want to play it.

  • Re : IJN Crew/GamePlay Question

    02. 21. 2011 17:54

i dont have ijn but will give you small info,

they say 3 evbe can speed cap a yammy but would go for 5 or 4 engy or oh time
and 3 or 4 evbe reps

i would go for aa, ijn has yammy and super yammy has great aa slot in their t, classing
your dp gunner to aa gunners probably classing them late maybe when you got your yammy so
that you just lost a few reload

i guess both, yammy and super yammy is not good for rushing (especially they got 45 degree
penetrating angles)