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  • Noob & AFK hosts

    02. 23. 2011 06:02

Everyone complains about noob hosts and how they ruin the game and it is even worse
if they are AFK so i suggest that team NF enables a room vote which means that any
player can start a vote of giving the hosting to someone else that the game decides
and this happens if at least half of the room agrees, if there is a tie the host is not
kicked so we finally solve the problem of noob hosts and AFK hosts.

  • Re : Noob & AFK hosts

    02. 23. 2011 10:03

Thing is, lots of people call "noob host" on people who started a full room with maybe 5
cvs or in blitz 1 cv and 1 bb that was far as i know, they can't do anything
about this problem...banning would be against the new nf rules with it? The
amount of bugs it'll bring in would be for afk hosts, i get it's a problem but

  • Re : Noob & AFK hosts

    02. 23. 2011 08:05

It's an interesting idea, and has been suggested before yet no one has come up with a way
for people not to abuse the function.

With most people being AFK and tabbed out while waiting, the decision would be made by
very few people having a lot of abstained votes.

  • Re : Noob & AFK hosts

    02. 23. 2011 06:44


<username> has proposed a mutiny. (Y/N)?

Mutiny passed. (20 for, 5 against, 12 abstained)