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  • What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    02. 23. 2011 17:59

What makes people want to get a UK CV? Compared to other nations UK doesn't really have as
many advantages. I still understand how that could be fun but what made you want to get a

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    06. 12. 2011 11:42

some people just play what they want to play. not everyone is sheep that goes with
"the best" or "only this setup" or even "having to buy your way to being considered
'good' with premium items & subscriptions and +1927840185 sailors".

sad way to play a free game.

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    06. 11. 2011 20:17

the same reason people play KM....

i.e. "hard mode"

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    06. 11. 2011 05:41

ya thats what i did makes it alot easier

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    06. 10. 2011 21:40

there's also the fact that if you already have a UK ship (BB, or SS) you like already have
support Engines, Repairer or Restorer that you can put on your CV (providing you've got
room after pilots). instead of having to start over with a whole crew in another nation.

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    06. 09. 2011 18:49

well first thing is they get a extra CV more fun i gusse???

i find UK fighters sexy ;) but i cant say anything about how thare fighters are cause i
only use locals (which just get wrecked by T4 US planes)

TBs....piss me off that i have to send like 15 planes to start doing damage to some
BB5 bulge clown and all planes get shot down cause i need to get them close to the
ship so i hit it then thares soft defense and everything else DBs i dont mind them
being week

but i llove how nice the UK CVs look like :D

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    06. 09. 2011 10:59

I took the UK CV line more for the fun.
some nice things about a UK CV torper:

- it can withstand a wave of DB attack (i'm in a courageous)
- 1 wave of Barracuda TBs can sink a CV if all torps hit the middle. (Kaga, Graf Zepp,
Junyo are some that I remember)

there really are no advantages over the other nations with regards to its fighters. It
really annoys me that my Seafires can't chase down some scouts.

but over-all it gets more fun the more I play with my CV

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    03. 12. 2011 04:58

'laudable rather than laughable' now that is a slogan we can campaign on :p

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    03. 12. 2011 01:53

Buff UK TB, Nerf DBs - Also buff FP a tiny bit, so that they remain competitive. The buff
of UK TB should be to take T1s to 8000 dmg per torp and T2s to 11000 dmg per torp, to make
TBing laudable rather than laughable

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    03. 11. 2011 04:29

I don't agree that DB should be buffed. It's good that we don't have DB. But we
should have the best TB. There should be some form of advantage to it specific to
RN; I'm not sure what.

I sank a Montana the other day with Swordfish. Repeated attacks. It took four waves
of four (i.e 16 planes); he was already wounded on SD but had full bulge either way.
I felt pretty good about actually being able to sink BB5 with Swordies; but it was
always a foregone conclusion because we had already lost the game by the time we
was close enough for me to reliably do that. It's just not really a feasible thing.

The problem I think is AA. AA just murders Swordfish like there's no tomorrow (I don't
mean AAW) and will kill Barracudas. Perhaps I'm just being stupid because I don't
have 3x Barracuda yet. TB and DB have to go through the same layers of enemy
defence; ftr, flak, SD, but for some reason TB has to deal with bulge too <i>to deal
the same amount of damage</i>. I'm not sure how this is supposed to be fair.

You have all these fucking Emden and Moltke's who just sit there firing flak into the
sky, but I think this is a general problem with bombing. It's just something that
pisses me off.

  • Re : What makes people want to get a UK CV?

    03. 10. 2011 15:02

the only single thing thats concidered to be abonus in regaurds to uk cv's is the armour

now ask your self!!! what the hell does a cv need armour for in the first place. ???#

your at the back out of range of guns. the only threat you have to face is enemy tb and db
attacks. most people in gb's use db's and concidering every single nation other than the
uk have really good dive bombers the uk cv will be lucky to survive a wave of 12 bombers .
pcv up will take a wave and a half to sink. useing db's a uk pcv at lvl can only hold 5
inch of deck armour with a full crew. not even close to enough to withstand a db attack
from any other nation.

i play uk pcv. out fp are crap our bombers are crap and if you have good tb's every one in
the games loads bulge for a gb any way. so you have to send 2-3 waves of 11 planes just to
break the bulge then you have to deal with sd and then you have to try and sink the ship.

uk is a neglected cv class to say the least.

fp need buffing to bring them upto par with other nations fp and their db need balanceing
with other nations so they are viable to be of use.

uk fp are no match at lvl v lvl with any other nations fp. not even at high level, sure
you can even the odds slightly by dragging and relying on the durability to buy you a few
more momments of dmg. fact remains head on fight with all other nation cv uk fp will die.

the tb after lvl 80+ become pretty much immune to aaw from ships. thats about it. its not
worth raveing on about as you need 3 waves of 11 just to get through the bulge and sd. and
even then you still are lucky to score a small amount of attack.

my fp are all +12 +11 base. and bve.. have max experts and arounf 170 vettes each and
they get masacred, and i mean masacred by players of eqaul level. they even struggle with
players about 5-10 levels below. and any one sueing elites over lvl 80 just run circles
round a uk cv.

we need to get the devs to balance the cv's uk cv should have diffrent nation bonuses to
that of the battleships, the armour bonus is pointless in a gb.

if a battle ship is shooting at you then you have already lost the game!!! so why bother
with armour. you cant tank and shoot back lol. and you cant pack enough armour to face a
bb even if you could shoot back. and lets face it, i doubt 6 inch guns will do much
against a battle ship at the range you would need to be at to actually hit the bb. you
have to actually get in range too.

every single gb ive played ive never seen the battle ship that sank me ;)

come on devs start reading these posts and start takeing important action with ingame
mechanics and stop adding more brocken crap.

fix ukl cv's and while your at it fix uk bb ranges so they can compete with other nation bb's.

it seems like uk has been shafted to the point of uselessness.
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