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  • Sailor filter by Nation

    02. 25. 2011 15:51

Since this merge im getting a little annoyed to search for my sailors. To actually find and
load my radioman is a pain since i got like 3 nation sailors and the neuts.

My suggestion is: make a sailor filter by nation in the sailor window, so when we are
looking for a specific nation sailor (neutral as well) we have the option of selecting only
the nation we want to see, speeding up the sailor changes and that.

I think this is a viable thing and can improve the gameplay specially when you want to
change the crews from a ship to another.

  • Re : Sailor filter by Nation

    02. 26. 2011 07:07

yes, you can put your sailor at HQ, half of them, but still a plenty of sailors to look for. At
least for me, who sold all my ships to buy my BB gears. I got a huge amount of sailors
since my sailors on the other server become part of the same account now.

I appreciate the tips but the radioman was just an example. You guys dont think thats
a kind of a "fix" for a thing that could be native? I mean, thats not a hard thing to do,
can be optional for users, you dont have to use it if you want and could help the one
who wants.

I think thats a simple thing, that could be implemented.

  • Re : Sailor filter by Nation

    02. 26. 2011 00:14

If you really hate looking for it, but a Lvl 1 FF and put your radioman on the BO slot.
Everytime you log out, simply take the ship out for a cruise and then back into port. your
radioman magically loads everytime you take it out. No need to look for it.

  • Re : Sailor filter by Nation

    02. 25. 2011 21:35

Cycle each sailor onto a ship except for the radio-man, and it will be the first sailor
you see when you log on.

  • Re : Sailor filter by Nation

    02. 25. 2011 16:47

The idea is goog - rec.

  • Re : Sailor filter by Nation

    02. 25. 2011 16:38

you only have to look through 50 guys max in the window. Not to mention the sailors
you probably have on ships.

Put everyone your ships you dont play often like an EBB or keep them in the HQ.
Personally, I only have my radioman and around 3 other sailors in my window.