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  • BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 27. 2011 12:35

I've done a search after seeing Lucw1990's post on how to fight BB1s in Blitz so ive done
a search and found no such post to help those who are starting their first BB. So, this is
for them

When I went into blitz i had a Renown so sorry if there is anything that doesn't apply to
other nations or if I left anything out or even have some more tips, just mention it in
comments and I'll add it later

High Dp
High firepower
Far Range
High Displacement

Most times large target(unless French)
Horrible spread

believe it or not, in blitz your supposed to play more of a support role, if you just rush
in, you will be swarmed and be one of the first few killed. However if you stay back, most
of the time you wont be rushed and swarmed by half of the other team, trying to pick off
targets with your slow reload time kicking in. Also with the tactics that I'll explain
later it will help prepare you for the Gb games once you reach lvl 60

Ship Build:
Guns. Get the largest guns that your level can get and go for the l guns if
possible(they're slower reload but have longer range). for my Renown i had the double 15"
Mark 1s then switched to the mk2s when i could. Also if your still using auto, learn how
to manual, fast
AA. if you have a CA and still use torps you might as well start a new line or start a ss
crew even in blitz I found AA important to help from the CVs. In blitz i found them to be
my #1 enemy just because they kept trying to bomb me
AA/HE Hybrid Defense. RickyRungail reminded me of this also. He mentioned using the
turrets to deter smaller ships with fast fire rate. But that's not the only thing you can
do. you can put on turrets that can fire AA and HE shells and switch between the to when
needed. if your staying more back keep more AA on but if you rush put more HE
Armor(optional). My friend always tells me "Why do you put armor on. you cant put enough
on to help and its just a waste of credits" but in my opinion its better than not having
none at all. Also i did a test where i removed all my armor and put it back on just to
prove to him that the buy/sell price is the same after i added it back on i had the exact
same credits i had before i removed so stack on what ever you want :)
Scout. As RickyRungail said, raise up a scout. Being able to provide your own vision is
more reliable than having to wait for a CV to send fighters in that area or for another BB
to send a scout out. A blind BB is a Bad BB

As I mentioned before you should play as support. that means stay back behind the lines
and using your range to take out ships. and never aim at that lone FF weaving between your
ally's. always fire at a large groups of ships and/ or the CAs and BBs. your going to have
horrible spread most of the time and sometimes you'll hit em and you'll miss more than you
hit but if you continue to fire from long range then you'll be able to live longer to fire
more. Also what I liked to do at the start on hobbit, was fire where the other team
starts, i missed a lot doing that but sometimes i got that lucky shot.
RickyRungail reminded me that using gradual fire is also helps(F4 to select through fire
options). Instead of firing your whole salvo and having to wait for the reload, it helps
to fire one shot where you hope to hit, adjust appropriately, fire again, rinse and
repeat(which is what i still do)
If you ever see a squad of planes flying, they're more likely bombers so if they get in
range of you, switch to AA. Your a big fat target that moves very slow. AA is pretty much
what helped me go up though the lvls and it sure saved me many times from being bombed to
death. plus its a good way to make a few extra credits too.

Thats pretty much that i can think of to help those getting their first BB through Blitz
and prepare for the GB. And again, if i left anything out just leave a comment and I'll
add it when I can.

  • Re : BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 28. 2011 04:03

Put up a lot belt and a lot bulge and rush. With Courbet it works good. Some CL-s and CA-s
can shoot you, but only once :D A full salvo of a BB1 from 5-10 degrees sink them
instantly. Use gradual it helps a lot to find the good angle.

  • Re : BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 28. 2011 03:58

i had experiance play 3 nation bb1 in blitz... alaska (noobaska), revenge (noobenge),
gneisnew( gneisnoob)... most ppl think all bb1 is suck except for french bb1... but to
me... as long as u have good crew and skill... ur bb1 will own

my settings are:- (for those who are rich)
1) ebve acc gunner, skeletonize them = block shoot even for 15" uk bb1 guns
2) normal, ebve or bve supports = average performance and 300+ sd
3) aa guns (optional) = if u think friendly cv can't FC u, defend against DBs
4) scout = some CA have long range, they can range u even if u in bb1
5) armor (optional) = average belt, deck with good bulge this is because ur sd is still low
6) tactics = keep ranging, don't rush unless u have all above and good skill

settings for normal player :-
1) normal acc gunner = lower ur gun caliber to reduce bad spread, reduce load time
2) normal support crew = bring anything u have, ur sd probably is around 100+sd
3) aa guns (optional) = i prefer no, and focus on AW
4) scout = same reason as above
5) armor = AW ur ship, with bad spread and low sd, u will need armor
6) tactics = same as above

*don't underestimate torps and smaller ship like dd, if they are experiance player, they
knoe how to kill u even though u have the best bb and crew*

last word... have fun owning in bb1... different bb1 have different style of playing...
once u entered GB... u will experiance different playing style than blitz... and remember
this is a teamwork based game... work together, kill together, win together... ;p

  • Re : BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 28. 2011 02:49

Hobbit War killed any meaningful Blitz gameplay.

My BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide:
Buy your nation's PCA and proceed directly to GB2 for AA whoring.

Either that or host your own (non-Hobbit War) Blitz and become the most-hated sub-60 level
player on your server. Expect all other Blitz players to curse you for "wasting" their
time because ... OMG a BIG map !!!1!

Nice guide though, I appreciate your efforts. I disagree with the idea of using the
biggest guns possible. I think you should use guns of around 8" so that you can compete
with your enemy's reload time. Even 6" guns aren't a bad bet provided you can make up for
it with additional armour or repair rate.

  • Re : BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 27. 2011 15:57

OP has a few nice advices. But if you follow the BB guides you most certainly wont ever
drive a BB in Blitzkrieg rooms. Normally you train 2 BOs simultaneously which causes at
least the gunners to be so far ahead, that you cannot join Blitzkrieg anymore once you get
your first BB.

Yet, for the sake of the thread, yes, try to use range as your advantage. Except for some
filthy rich bastards everyone has poblems with spread in Blitzkrieg. So don't get tempted
to join a knife fight. Much like in GB/GB2 it might grant you an early kill but usually
results in you sinking. NF is not a simulation. Swarms of small guns can kill you here.

  • Re : BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 27. 2011 14:17

phantom3553 the renown is fast but thats pretty much all it had, if i were to rush in with
its speed, i would just absorb all the shells launched my way cause its just a big hit box
not to mention the slow reload times i would only be able to do 8k damage at most from
lucky shots and when i started hanging back i started getting 25k games in blitz which
isnt much still but i still lived through most of those games

  • Re : BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 27. 2011 13:43

you got renown?
errm renown is fast

you don't need to be a support role, just play aggressively (switch from offense to
defense, defense to offense or vice versa) what i do in my courbet and bretagne is to rush
at the start and sinking at max range the ships i see and when they rush i turn back while
doing that firing at them and boom when all is clear in your sector (either north or
south) you could rush freely and sink your enemy, if they got a bb especially if your the
single bb and your enemy has 2, don't be afraid (unless its a good bb player with uber
/elite crew :D)

yes its true its just a waste of credit putting armor on renown
cause its a bc, it can bounce small shells but big shells you can still get more damage
recieve and sink fast too so don't bother unless you get nelson and armorwhore it

about the db, try learning dodging bombs and torps, their faces will be surprise if you
can dodge everytime :D, but mostly you get 50-50 or 70-30 success if db and tb 30-70
success (note Hit - Miss)

you could try aa at emerald with the QF D or the rp12s D they got same golden angles (36
deg) but QF got lower reload time and use reload gunner, uk aa still sucks -.-

and for main gunner its nice to get a 12/11 or an elite acc gunner and class it to reload
for early acc and reload cap

1st: be sure to have your supports on level with the bbs to avoid going backtrack on lower
ship just to train supports
2nd: its nice to take both line than 1 line because it will more likely easy to level crew
and you could play different style on that line
3rd: believe it or not :D a bb1 can sink enemy fast at starting point
4th: torps are for few cl to dd/ff

  • Re : BB1 Blitzkrieg Survival guide

    02. 27. 2011 13:29

I find that the the Revenge and French BBs are real competent ships that cna
actually put up a fight in Blitz, mostly because of either their forgivable damage or
that their short range makes their spread tighter.

For the USN ships, I recommend in case that you can't mount good AA, try mounting
smaller/lower level naval guns. Don't mind the small damage as you can make it up
with rapid fire using reload gunners on them instead. The point of these guns is used
to discourage small ship rushers that like to torp you up close. I haven't tried yet a
US BB though so this is mostly theory.

For all BB ships in general, when you're dealing with small annoying pests, including
that damned pint-sized PCL, try using gradual fire by switching to fire modes on F4.
That way, you won't lose too much on ammo per salvo and won't get caught
between reloads as easily; you have the best firepower on your side so crippling
these threats rather than wham with an overkill salvo (as if you can get by from a
bad spread) will help you deal with them later at a safe distance and pick more juicier
targets like CAs.

It is also important to predict where you are going as it's easy for big ships like
Alaska and Geni to get caught with a long and delayed turn rate. You don't wanna
get caught in rocks in hobbit either, or worse, crossing a team mate.

Lastly, for long drawn out battles or big maps, always have a scout if you can get
him. Most people tend to neglect this and even your big brother BBs neglect this too
(spare Nelson, he can't be helped.). Take good care of the scout as he'll be your best
friend to give you what you need to hit.