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  • Death of Night Battle

    03. 04. 2011 19:29

Suggest you merge night battle with GB2...Its a shame noone plays NB anymore.
GB2 should either randomly be a night battle or "Night" should be an option just
as "torpedo" is an option when u create a regular game.....Would be nice to actually
get to play some sometimes. Gb2 fills up in 3 seconds. Night battle sais room
disbanded blah blah blah...10 minutes

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 07. 2011 13:04

I give a flying fart about the XP, NBs are fun. That's why I liek to play those.

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 07. 2011 11:15

Why people don't play NB?
It's simple. Fighters cannot carry flares and people are bruttaly forced into using scouts
with them.. and omigosh no mines.

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 07. 2011 11:03

just lower the brightness on your monitor

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 07. 2011 06:17

well deathray, that i guess that yes, but WHY people dont like that? just because they got
"difficulty" to see something or their line is too short? hell that what i could call a
real challenge, here it would really worth the hard gain experience and credit, plus
knowning that lower BB can even hit a BB6 ( i was a kaiser, and i was being hit by an
enemy BB1, from nowhere ) make it more fun for everyone, plus like i said its the same exp
rate than the GB/GB2 so there no exp loosing, because of another game mode, that for me is
way mroe funnier than a dam normal GB2 ( plus, no more fail falgship that DC and make the
team loose :D )

just my 2 cents

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 07. 2011 04:21

would be nice to see this added as a GB option, I agree they are fun only issue cant
get enough ppl to join them


  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 07. 2011 02:32

NB is fun, yes game play is siimilar to to that of gb but there are some penalty cause its
night your guidelines will be shorter than that of the normal gb2 (probably this is my

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 07. 2011 00:01


people dont play NB cos they dont like NB. is that really hard to guess? besides since Nb
is the same as gb2 in terms of exp and other stuff then why are we bothering to put night
mode on gb2? kinda poitless.

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 05. 2011 12:28

Good idea Sabici, but recommend you change the title to something that better
conveys your suggestion. At a glance people may just think it is a rant.

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 05. 2011 12:18

please deathray tell what is that reason?

becuase sicne a certain patch i forgot which one, NB is just like a GB, same exp shared,
everyone can join, the only thing, when its night instead of day, and give an actual
challenge into teh game, makign the game even more funnier, and EVEN GIVE A CHANCE to
lower BB to do some dmg, plus NB is more tactical since you requiere a better use of
scout, with the flare stuff, and such, i really dont know WHY people dont play it, maybe
yes, they could do that in making either an option for night OR do it randomly, a map pop
to be a night battle, surprising people, and see : dam i knew i should have putted flare
on my scout

  • Re : Death of Night Battle

    03. 04. 2011 22:51

Perhaps they can make night battle maps usable for GBs and GB2s, just without the
insane fog of war.
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