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  • New Pca's

    03. 06. 2011 23:35

Call them what ever but the uss indianpolis should be ingame and the uk had some great
cruisers not in game not sure about ijn or km tho but im sure some one can troll and find
some maybe make these PCA's in the low 40's lvls with good R slots and bad T slots except
for KM which needs only 2 R slots and less T slots the moltke is kinda over powered for both
gunning and AA but im not whining i own one

  • Re : New Pca's

    03. 07. 2011 10:58

some punctuation would also be nice

  • Re : New Pca's

    03. 07. 2011 08:24

The only new PCAs they need, is to buff the Furious and possibly let the remodal to CV,
and buff the Asama.

They are simply to weak to compete

saving best for last

french hindenburg = 12 plane launch?
french moltke = bb2?
gamelin = clickbox the size of a football field?

  • Re : New Pca's

    03. 07. 2011 07:14

I think nobody will pay for a PCA that isn't much better than a CA2 or BB1, like the
Moltke. But after ECL EBB1,2,3 they should release ECAs too. They should be blitzkrieg
grinding machines (~lvl45 and a lot 8" guns).

  • Re : New Pca's

    03. 07. 2011 06:52

Your wish is granted. Petropavlovsk will be available in a few days.

  • Re : New Pca's

    03. 07. 2011 02:28

another copied ship? like what they did in mn prem ships :D and ecls

emden = reynaud
moltke = mandel
hindenburg = uhmmmm daladier(?)

  • Re : New Pca's

    03. 06. 2011 23:57

What is the point of having new PCA?