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  • Idea for Team Repair or Repair Ships

    03. 07. 2011 20:14

I just thought of this on the spot, and wanted to share my idea..

To create some kind of sailor or ships idea, that would allow for it to be able to get
near ships and click the repair button, and click on the ship its near, which would help
the increase of the repair rate.

This would change the way HA's are played, and possibly give more use of the ASW ships,
and gives them something else to do,when there are no subs in the game.


  • Re : Idea for Team Repair or Repair Ships

    03. 08. 2011 14:09

The preferable way to give DD a job would be small nationalized FF and patrol boats
that can scout, but are too small for BB to hit, so the DD then have a job to do, when
theres no subs. Besides, all the CV and BB just snipe the subs first, so ASW is virtually

  • Re : Idea for Team Repair or Repair Ships

    03. 08. 2011 12:08

In terms of taking up a slot, I was just refering to HAs. In harbor tile (and any tile
for that matter) the team is restricted to 35 ships, (up to 5 cvs and 30 ships of any
type). Particularly at Harbor tile, You want 5 CVs (highest possible) and generally as
many BB6s to fill the remaining slots as possible. Some times substititing 1-2 subs in
place of BBs. You will not see many ships below BB in harbor tile (save on the attacking
side during mine sweeps).

I do feel for adding more roles.. Done enough BB grinds, CV, SS and a Kita to know running
AA for a month for experts, levels etc gets very tedious.

  • Re : Idea for Team Repair or Repair Ships

    03. 08. 2011 10:39

Not at all. I din't put much thought into it really. Just thought that it would be a cool
feature to the game, and give it more depth.

Yes, there would need to be new sailors created, which would make something new players
could try to be good at, and compete to be the best at.

I was not thinking that it would take up a bb5/6 slot but more of a DD/CL/CA slot, like i
said before the ASW have nothing else to do but sit there and find subs and after that
nothing. It would give more reason for ASW to do something else(Besides AA).

  • Re : Idea for Team Repair or Repair Ships

    03. 08. 2011 10:01

Its an interesting idea (one that has been suggested in the past I believe).

However in terms of HA, I do not really see this being all that beneficial or widely used.
Particularly when it comes to Harbor tile, I do not see many fleets wanting to sacrafice
a BB6 or CV6 spot for a repairing ship.

You'd also have to look into a new or modifcation to the exp system to count repair
contribtion to exp or it wouldn't be used (people are only really motivated by exp or
creds in this game (example GBII).

Would likely need new sailors (unless someone were to use normal Repairs to affect the

To keep the ability in check would need to require a ship to be very close to the ship it
is repairing, at which point, crossing becomes quite the issue.

Please do not take this as a rant, merely constructive criticism and direction.