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  • Thicker map border

    03. 08. 2011 12:17

Could you have a wider zone where planes can flank enemy ships without being
exploiting noob border humpers?

The area would be blocked to access by ships, but would still be completely visible,
there would be sufficient time to detect and respond to flanking planes, and would
widen the range for aircraft to maneuver.

The hobbit war map is a perfect example, I can flank with bombers without border
humping, I just fly out into the area beyond the barrier.

Border humping is an exploit for three reasons:
1. You cannot tell who the planes belong to (applies only to north humpers)
2. You cannot tell what type of planes they are (applies only to north)
3. You cannot determine the elevation of the planes.

  • Re : Thicker map border

    03. 08. 2011 15:12

uhmm.. no.. what is the purpose of this.. it would be WORSE than boarder humping
because everyone would just hump their bombers around the back and kill cvs right
off the start