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  • Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 09. 2011 06:44

Launch a couple squads of 3 scouts each loaded with mines. Weave your way over
or around the enemy lines at the very beginning and find their flag. He's probably
just sitting where he started while he preps planes or he's set a course straight
north or south. Either way, he's not paying much attention to your scouts. If you
survive well enough to get to him, drop your mines far enough ahead in his path
that he won't see them dropped. If he's still just sitting there, drop them a little bit
in front of him so he'll hit them when he finally does start moving. Then keep your
scouts over their lines until they have to come back.

Note: It's a long trip, so babysit your planes to prevent them from automatically
returning when they run out of fuel. It's most likely to be a certain one-way trip for

It's worked more than 50ish% of the time for me.

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 12. 2011 05:34


I didn't know that you could destroy mines with flak. That's useful knowledge for

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 12. 2011 05:30


I never claimed that this was the only viable gb2 tactic and I certainly never claimed
that it was either the fastest or the easiest. This is one tactic out of many, but as a
beginning cv player with limited time to actually play the game and learn other
tactics, this is one that I have learned to succeed in doing.

If you have found a great way to win using a z99, than by all means tell everyone all
about it in a new thread and enjoy watching how other people have used the same
tactic and failed or succeeded as they perfected it.

As for this thread, I'm not concerned about how well you can use a z99 unless you
can incorporate your tactic with this one to achieve even greater victory. Now that
would be teamwork that I would be interested to hear about.

On a positive note. Thank you for the positive comment, the helpful advice, and the
willingness to share your tactics with the rest of us. I appreciate team players like

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 12. 2011 01:50

Scouts are for noobs, Z99s are faster than scouts and thus can get sight faster before
enemy sees you. Hell, they can even kill Flags faster than minebombers!

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 11. 2011 21:17

that's why timing is everything. Once I find the flag, I'll sit at the edge of my scout's
vision and wait until he launches planes. Give him a few seconds as he scrolls
across his screen to guide his planes, then go for it. You know he's not looking at
his ship so you are free to drop them out ahead of him. To ensure that they are in
his path, fly down the length of his ship at max altitude, then lower to drop height,
keep going down that path for a count of five or so, and let them go.

It all has to be done carefully. If he's got an escort (a human one), this probably
won't work. If he's watching his ship at the time, it may not work either. If he's
near a border, he'll probably be turning soon, so keep that in mind.

It's more than likely to be a difficult stunt to pull off but once you've managed it a
few times, you get the hang of it. And if you can't trick the flag, there's a big BB line
begging for your mines and you know they aren't looking at you, especially if you're
coming from their own territory.

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 11. 2011 16:57

Frankly I only find mines effective for either tight bottle neck entries (like the glacial wall
map) or the Mine field map (obvious implication) and to a definite extent, ASW barrier.
They're not very effective in open water unless in large quantities. However as AA, I
don't find them a laughing matter, one mine can eat away a lot of bulge my BB charge
needs for torpedo attacks.

Once I see a scout drop them, I memorize coordinates, kill the scout then flak off the
mines with my AA. Friendly BBs and SS always love me for doing this.

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 11. 2011 14:41

oh yea.... the scouts were the p-51H

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 11. 2011 14:41

i've seen a cv with scouts as bombers so he'd launch like 4-6 of them then he would drop
them right infront or the middle of our battleships... sunk like 2 of ours and kept
shooting down our t3 ftrs

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 10. 2011 21:07

I first started doing this when I got my bogue with just-classed pilots. Up until I left
for this deployment, I was still launching scouts with mines from my Yorktown. The
greatest part is that it's a great tactic that works for all skill levels and the
satisfaction of even just damaging someone with a mine is a bit of a rush. Try it a
few times and watch your team tell you how great you are when it works. Even
better, watch everyone trying to figure out what just happened, and don't tell
them. :)

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 10. 2011 13:45

Remember, firez, the effectiveness of mines seems to be proportional to the number of
mines that go off in rapid succession. Hit one mine and yawn at it. Hit one mine 5 times
in 5 minutes and yawn at them. Hit five mines simultaneously or within seconds of each
other and suddenly you're in a world of hurt.

Mogami mod launching scout planes with mines is a VERY valuable addition to a GB2 team,
and it makes a tiny little CV1 actually useful to it's team.

  • Re : Win GB2's with scouts

    03. 10. 2011 01:59

it does work if you babysit your scouts the entire way and watching it work is
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