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  • Tourville

    03. 10. 2011 01:31

Search>Subject>Tourville brings no returns. Which makes me wonder. Is MN dead? It
seems like it is to me. Nobody playing MN in blitzes in Nebraska. Sure, like I spotted a
Jaguar once. And an Algerie.

Anyway let's discuss the Tourville. I'm half a level away from it and excited and all this
and I see that it has 'equal range' to DLG. Is it a good ship? Has anyone actually used

  • Re : Tourville

    03. 31. 2011 12:08

The reason there rn't very many MN is bc it is still pretty new to NF.

  • Re : Tourville

    03. 10. 2011 12:05

relax they will nerf mn soon :D...

i see the tourville line is much harder to play because all of its ship proper guns got
60-80 deg guns but it got speed though and for the tourville it can mount the 1st 8" but i
used the 2nd set, yep only 2 bind -.- you need to be a sniper :D, or you need a really
good gunner that will make your spread tight a little,

i think tourville is need to be nerf -.- its like a 2nd suffren and its look like a
suffren with bright colors :D

just wait to lvl 58 and get a mandel, its a really nice pca

  • Re : Tourville

    03. 10. 2011 06:53

MN isnt dead its just really unpopular because.... well.... its the french after all

  • Re : Tourville

    03. 10. 2011 02:17

Well , Tourville can grrind so fast pass through , and have good reward in GB .

Basically , Tourville is a faster Suffren , have more usable displacement then Algerie .
Main gun have 3 major choice :
LV42 Dual 8"/50 cal model 1924 is for gun fight , have ok range and damege , short
of ammo (8" second set only have 2 bind shell).
LV60 Triple 6.1"/50 cal model 1920 is good for DP use (all triple 6"/6.1" can be use ,
this set is best) , almost the same max range as 8" first set , but should use high
angle shoot (55 degree) , again , short of ammo .
LV62 Quard 5.1"/45 cal model 1932 is for DP and fun , range slightly less then
6"/6.1"s at high angle shoot , Crazy AA damege output , and again , short of ammo .

T slot is to small to fit usable secondary gun . HH and torp can be choice .

Algerie have 1 more support slot then Tourville , and second 8" gunset with
resonable ammo , this make Algerie more better to grind and use in Blitz . but
again , if you can gain EXP easier in GBII then Blitz , players will use this ship in Blitz
just for fun ...